10 Reasons Why You Should Not Write For Fame and Fortune #SundayBlogShare #Writer


Ever questioned why you write?

Ever wondered why you spend hours and hours slaving away over a piece of writing?

If your answer is “because I want to be rich and famous!” – check out my list below.

Here are 10 reasons why you should not write for fame and fortune.

Now, I am not being a literary party pooper, I am just trying to make you consider writing for other things other than literary fame and fortune.

  1. If you research the famous writers you will see that for many writing was a form of self discovery and exploration. Others wrote because they had a burning desire to put words onto a page. Not one of them wrote to become famous. Read this fab article on 15 great writers.
  2. I believe writing solely for fame and fortune sets you up for future misery and heartbreak as the chances of becoming a famous author are miniscule.
  3. You are more likely to get famous nowadays by doing something amazing or controversial first and then writing a book based on your experiences. Being famous beforehand is usually why your book sells in vast quantities.
  4. Making a fortune with writing can be tricky even for famous writers. It took 14 years for Ian Rankin’s writing to pay off.
  5. If you do get to be famous your writer friends might sell you out to the press. Your secret love of clichés, your obsession with crutch words, your ‘I hate editing’ face selfies and your lengthy late night emails about your ten month crush on your fictional character could become common knowledge.
  6. If you did become famous you would have to socialize a LOT. So you can kiss goodbye to quiet evenings, clad in your comfy writing clothes, with only a sleeping cat for company.
  7. Writing is tough. ‘Along the way there are pitfalls of self-disgust, boredom, disorientation and a lingering sense of inadequacy, occasionally alternating with episodes of hysterical self-congratulation as you fleetingly believe you’ve nailed that particular sentence’. Hari Kunzru. Surely there must be easier things to do to get famous?
  8. If you did become famous think about all the extra work you would have to do to make sure you looked good; hiring a personal trainer to get your wobbly bits under control (still loving the phrase ‘wobbly bits’), only eating lettuce and dust to remain stick thin, ensuring your eyebrows remained perfectly arched and dousing yourself in fake tan every night so that you always had a glow. You would get little time to write.
  9. If you did become famous you might have to hand over your social media to others and concentrate on your writing – ugh! This frightens the life out of me. Can you imagine not being able to tweet something random when you feel like it?
  10. True writers don’t think about the destination of their work. They are too busy falling in love with their writing during the journey.



I am going to end this post with a quote from Stephen King, who I think sums up what you should write for:

‘Writing isn’t about making money, getting famous, getting dates, getting laid or making friends. In the end its about enriching the lives of those who will read your work and enriching your own life as well.’ Stephen King.


Have a great day fame seekers!

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