How To Tell You Have A Writing Hangover #writers #amwriting

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Last night you were at it (writing) for hours. When you finally stopped you were exhausted and a little sweaty. It was a wild and exhilarating writing session, which left you feeling satisfied creatively afterwards. So why today do you feel so rough?

Chances are you are suffering from a ‘writing hangover’. Check out the handy symptom list below to see whether you are suffering from a ‘writing hangover’.

Definition – A writing hangover is the body’s response to what we in the trade call a ‘creative overload’.

The body cannot cope with an overload of creativity.

Too much creativity and the next morning you will be suffering.

Here is the list of known symptoms. Tick all those that apply.

1.  Your mouth feels like a desert and your tongue feels like a cactus.

2.  Your eyelids are droopy or in some extreme cases – slightly puffy.

3.  Your brain feels like someone put it on a fast washing machine spin overnight. Ideas, plots and characters are all jumbled up like laundry inside your head.

4.  Your clock says ‘breakfast’ but you say ‘back to bed’.

5.  You feel like you need 2-3 days off writing to recover.

6.  You are irritable and need to be left alone.

7.  You moan to family and friends about how you ‘overdid’ it last night.

8.  You cannot look at your writing desk as it brings back powerful flashbacks.

9.  You look pale and in need of some sunshine.

10.  You want to spend the day lying on the sofa with a vacant expression on your face.

Be sensible with your creativity levels writers, don’t suffer the next morning!

I am afraid the only known cure for a ‘writing hangover’ is writing. Yes, I am afraid you are just going to have to work through the pain and write some more.

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31 thoughts on “How To Tell You Have A Writing Hangover #writers #amwriting

  1. This is whatcha call “cold comfort” right here, lady. But we rely on you to be honest with us even if the advice hurts. No rest for the wicked and/or creative! ^_^

  2. I definitely get a hangover after a good writing spurt. It’s not so much the over caffeination or lack of sleep, but I get an adrenaline rush when I’m nailing a good scene that is exhausting. This was hilarious and absolutely true!

      1. Ha! I was just making pirate invitations for the boys birthday party. “Hair of the dog sounds like something the pirates would say. Shiver me timbers…lol

  3. All of the above. It got so bad last year, that I did not even look at my blog. I couldn’t think of anything to write (still can’t). Great post.

  4. Reblogged this on Pixie's Musings and commented:
    I have finished my manuscript. My edits anyways. I did the original, trashed, edited, moved, and now send it to my Editor to be in her loving hands for her edits.

    I’m feeling hungover though. It’s been a years worth of work in the process of writing, editing, revising and not giving up on this dream of publishing AND printing my first “official” book.

    I’ve been up late hours, feeling exhilarated and a little sweaty after long writing and editing sessions, but it’s slowly coming together. This afternoon, after having spend a final 2 hours before finally succumbing and sending this manuscript off, I’m feeling a “writing-hangover”.

    Definition – A writing hangover is the body’s response to what we in the trade call a ‘creative overload’.

    Here is a beautiful list of symptoms provided by @blondewritemore.
    I am surely feeling all of these now and am going to need to breathe, then write to cure my “hangover”


  5. One more sign: The vague feeling that something important happened that may or may not lead to my arrest or capture by a group of fairies and/or aliens masquerading as humans.
    Probably not–but maybe.
    Have I mentioned how much I love your list posts? I always feel a little lighter and a little less likely to purposely grow out my fingernails so long I’m unable to type on my keyboard, declaring, “I can’t possibly write today because: MY NAILS!”

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