Why We Need Writing Friends #writers #amwriting

writer friends

Writing friends can be found on blogging sites, in creative writing classes, in coffee shops, on Twitter and via people you know.

They are valuable friendships and can be very rewarding.

Check out the reasons why we need writing friends:

1. You will not feel alone anymore. There is someone out there who is just like you. They GET you! For the first time in your life someone out there actually understands your editing obsession, writing frustrations and your creative thought process. This realisation, that you no longer are alone, can make you go a bit strange. You may have a strong urge to hug your writing friend whilst weeping on their shoulder about how long you have been alone in the writing wilderness. Try to control your emotion as you don’t want them thinking you are a bit weird.

2. You can send them all sorts of writing stuff to read. Ideas, thoughts, plots, your entire back writing catalogue and even your story from NaNoWriMo. Friends and family will breathe a sigh of relief as they don’t have to endure listening to your 3rd read ‘out loud’ of your 51,686 word NaNo story, updated with small revisions.

3. You can learn from them. Through working closely with a writing friend you start to learn from their style. This is a very valuable benefit.

4. You can get some constructive feedback on your work. This can be painful at first especially if you are a proper newbie. However, resist the urge to have a huge creative tantrum and accept that it’s this feedback that will make you a better writer. You will start to love your writing friend even more once you see an improvement in your writing. Again try to control the urge to hug them a lot.

5. You can ask them to nag you regularly about actually doing some writing. They know all those procrastination tricks so they can see right through your excuses.

6. You can turn to them when suffering from a ‘low creative mood’. When you are having a confidence crash about your writing you can call or email them. Talking through writing problems makes them seem less of an issue. Think of your writing friend as one of life’s emergency services. Just remember they have a life outside of writing and being bombarded with your problems 24-7 is not going to make them very happy.

7. You can brainstorm with them. Creative brainstorming reaches a new level of excitement. You now have a sounding board to bounce your random and at times ridiculous ideas off.

8. You gain some confidence. Once you have got over the huge newbie writer hurdle of sharing your writing with someone else (writing friend) you find that sharing stuff with others becomes easier. Soon you will reaching for the ‘share’ button on all your work, good or bad.

9. Your blog could benefit too. Your writing friend may agree to do a guest blogger post for you if you ask them nicely.

10. You could have a friend for life – if you don’t pester them too much and hug them a lot. If you try to give something back to the friendship like giving your feedback on their work and being there for them when they are struggling then your writing friendship will go from strength to strength.

Go and get yourself a writing friend today!


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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

22 thoughts on “Why We Need Writing Friends #writers #amwriting

  1. I wish had wings so I could fly across the country and over the ocean to join in the hug-fest. We in my family are big huggers. Well, at least on my dad’s side of the family. When I was younger I was known for my hugs. None of that prissy, barely pat your back stuff for me. Nuh-uh, noooo way. Bear hugs are the only way to go. (not I think you may be glad there is a country and an ocean between us, but I’ll just ignore the frightened looks on your faces Blonde & Sarah. 🙂 )

      1. Lol No! In high school, my friend and i would walk arou d the school with arms around each other all of the time. We were always so silly and fun!

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