10 Different Reactions Encountered When You Reveal You Are Writing a Book #Writers #Writerslife


1. ‘Are you trying to be the next J.K Rowling?’ Yes that’s right, I am writing a book about a school boy wizard who goes to a school for wizards and battles against evil. Sigh!

2. ‘Ooooh I want to write a novel, I have got the opening sentence in my head already’ If only it was that easy…sigh! 

3. ‘Bet you are writing the next ‘Fifty Shades of Grey…..saucy!’ (cue a nudge and a wink) A favourite from older males.

4. Blank look and uncomfortable silence. Make mental note never to ask them to read or review your book. 

5. ‘I read a really good book the other night, can’t remember who wrote it, you should read it’ Love this vague response, assumes you both read the same books. 

6. ‘Oh…good for you” pause “nice weather we’re having’ – cue point at sky. The classic ‘I am not interested’ distraction technique. 

7. Raised eyebrows and look of concern. You can almost hear the alarm bells going off in their head, writer = odd person = slowly move away…

8. Cue the puzzled face. Long silence and then ‘why?’ Good question – if I think about this too much I may change my mind about being a writer!

9. ‘Really? You? A writer?’ Cue the look of disbelief and shaking of head. Is it that much of a shock to you that I like putting sentences together? 

10. ‘I bet you are basing one of your characters on me. I don’t have a problem with that!’ Followed by cheeky wink. You never crossed my mind. 

Happy Writing!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

83 thoughts on “10 Different Reactions Encountered When You Reveal You Are Writing a Book #Writers #Writerslife

      1. Oh I have found that we writers are indeed habitual line crossers when it comes to item 10. But, do feel free to use it as I will be using the time machine sometime in the future.

      2. Ok Thx – about the time machine – have left a duster, furniture polish and a hand held vac in there so if you wouldn’t mind….after you have used it…:-)

      3. All this responsibility is making me nervous. I have never be great with dusting. I am more capable of moving it from one undesired spot to the other but I will do my best. Not at all that I am unclean I just realize that domestics are a magical skill set

  1. These are great! Having the success of J.K. Rowling would be nice no matter what type of novel is written. But the response that I remember the most after I told someone I was a writer was, “Oh! I’m going to write a novel too. It’s going to be humorous and I bet I’ll get an agent right off the bat…how come you don’t have an agent? How many people want to get published anyway?” Some awkwardness ensued.

  2. Spot on! Everybody a writer is introduced to, on my experience, either is about to do (2) or knows someone that is. The possibility that writing might be a profession with just as demanding a learning curve as any other doesn’t usually enter the discussion… 🙂

  3. Love these 😀
    Yep, #4,5,6,7…oh my…those are sooo awkward! XD That’s why I connect with writers online who understand me. Other people, they just think you’re crazy, and they do #6 or #5, lol.

  4. Ah yes – number 2! How quickly it rolls off their tongues: “Yes, I’m going to write a book too” followed by their assurances that their book will be a bestseller. I remember hearing with great glee the smart person (although I can’t remember who it was) who said: “Everyone has a book inside them, and for most people that’s where it should stay…”

  5. Grrrrrr, why are people so irritating? I guess the fact that they usually mention one of two authors, is because these particular authors are the only ones they’ve actually read 😉 I love your answer to the J K Rowling comment. Must remember that one, next time somebody asks me this.

      1. It’s usually people who are appalled it ever got published and demand to know who edited it, as if I was present for those discussions. I read it a long time ago when it was published as fan fiction. I have no problem with the subject matter, and I’m not going to publicly bash another woman. I do not think it was well written, but I don’t know anyone that thinks it a literary classic. To each their own.

  6. I was blushing as I read this, because not 5 hours ago someone told me in a text message that he had writen a novel and I couldn’t remember what I said in reply. So, I read your post, and the comments, then went to my messages to see what I said. And here it is…
    “wow… that takes some perseverance.”

      1. Encouraging, huh? To tell the truth, he doesn’t even write a decent text message, so I was terrified that I might accidentally say something that he could take to mean, “can I read your novel, please?”

      2. Isn’t it?? How do you say, “you’re a cute young thing and I don’t mind flirting with you at work cos ya look a little like Thor in the movies, but I’d rather read this training manual again than whatever you came up with”, in a polite way?

  7. Hi Lucy!
    1. Thank so much for always making your presence known at my blog. You have great people skills. I’m sure that’s why you have such an engaged community.
    2. Speaking of which, I’d like to follow your blog. I don’t see a follow button, and it says I’m already following it at the top. I never see you publish anything, though. I don’t know how to become an Email subscriber.
    Can you check your “blog” list. An I on it?
    3. Regarding your post, people just don’t get it. My own mother doesn’t get it. My children don’t get it. One of my children actually told me she thinks I am killing time!
    Thanks for putting this out so we, the writers, know we are not alone. We have each other. WE get it.

      1. Doesn’t it ask you when you subscribe whether you want email notifications? I think it does and if you don’t click yes it doesn’t happen. I could be wrong

  8. Reblogged this on Reflections and commented:
    In her post “10 Reactions From Non Writers…” Blondewritemore offers emotional support to writers. Since my blog “Reflections” offers support to bloggers, I wanted my readers to see that other writers know people who don’t understand our need to write and how to respond when they say these unsupportive comments.
    I often don’t know what to say to people who make these comments or make me feel like they don’t understand me, but Blondewritemore does, and she offers us ten pieces of good advice.

  9. What irks me is why so many believe the fiction book you wrote is your life story – some hidden secret you have kept in the background. I just shake my head, smile, and go along my merry way!. ~Elle

  10. Reblogged this on Kawanee's Korner and commented:
    LOL!!! I’ve had some other interesting responses.

    Ooooh we have a writer in town! How exciting! I hope you like it here; maybe you’ll write about our little town! *excited smile turned to dismay almost instantly* Oh… maybe you shouldn’t…

    Which immediately made me curious about this small town… trust me whatever the truth is, I’m already imagining far worse in my head.

    They’d be better off spilling it now!

  11. No. 9 relates so well to me. People get a surprise look and tone when they find out I can write by blogging…that I can actually glue words and make sense….ha, ha, ha. I’m a bit hyperactive at work, always busy (Cause it can get busy in the E.R. ), I have the tendency to multi-think thus sometimes talking like it’s a “fruit salad,” but when I write, it’s when I’m still and everything starts flowing, gluing, molding, creating into something what my heart wishes to say. Thanks for this post. Happy weekend!

  12. Very accurate, funny and frustrating. Thanks for the reassuring reminder that we writers can always make these people minor dispensable characters in our books, then kill them off. Spectacularly. It’s the one thing we do have control of, in our response to their reactions.

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