Frustrating Blogging Moments #Blogging #BloggingGals

Frustrating Blogging Moments


1. The post you spent ages working on gets no likes. The entire blogging community goes silent on you.

2. Your stats look like they have fallen off a cliff. Always seems to happen to me when I am having a bad day generally.

3. You press publish by mistake on a half finished post. Done this a couple of times!

4. You realise that your published post is full of typos. Yep I’m good at this!

5. The links don’t work on your post. One of my favourites!

6. You re-read your published post again, cringe with embarrassment (subject matter / quality of writing) and then question why you ever posted it.

7. You publish a post and then realise hours later you never tagged it. One of my favourites!

8. The WordPress mobile phone app doesn’t update properly and the stuff you have just typed (whilst on train) vanishes. Regularly happens to me. Very frustrating!

9. The good idea for a blog post that you had earlier vanishes. No matter how hard you try and screw your face up you can’t remember what it was.

10. You get Blogger’s Block! A terrible and frustrating condition.

Let me know any of your blogging frustrations.

Happy blogging all 🙂



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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

44 thoughts on “Frustrating Blogging Moments #Blogging #BloggingGals

  1. No. 9! All the way! It ALWAYS happens to me. It’s like “okay, this would be a FANTASTIC blog post” and literally as soon as I even think about sitting at the computer to draft it together, everything that was remotely good idea material flees my brain. -_-

  2. #1. At least I know the post is something I wanted to write, even if no one else wanted to read it (or acknowledge its existence).

    As far as the likes with no page views go, that’s all the WP reader, where you can mark it liked from there. I don’t have my blog set to force people to view the page to finish reading, so I get a lot of those.

  3. Had the links problem, and the tags. Somehow it’s an afterthought to add those things. Also, dealing with a dodgy computer that crashes halfway through a post and you lose everything! Have almost cried. Have definitely sworn.

  4. I’ve just got nothing to say today. I’m not feeling at all confident about my writing, Blonde, blogging or otherwise. I had a meeting with a writing friend. Liked my book, but felt my word usage kept dragging her out of the story line (too modern of phrases mixed in all over the place, I guess). This makes me terribly uneasy about my writing in general and now I must go lay in my bed and have a pity party.

      1. Now I’m afraid for you to read it! Eek I’m afraid you’ll want to drop your IBFF after…you know the whole, avoidance thing, “oh, hey, I . . . B . . . FF. Good ta see ya. Gotta go! Bye!” Only I’m aloud pity parties, though, so enough of that for you.

      2. My pity party stopped this morning when I got up two hours before breakfast and work and wrote! It’s good stuff. Just going to get up early and hit the laptop.

      3. I can’t even like this comment. It is not that good and I would be devastated never to read Semper House. No, IBFF. You must write without fail. You are destined for it. I am relieved yoy like it, though! I am terribly unsure of myself.

      4. Believe in yourself IBFF! It is good – I can’t put it down! Here are some thoughts that I have:
        Theiandar – think I love him. Have serious crush going on
        Gavin – think I love him too
        Eliya – great character although at the moment am wishing she would stop the whole guilt thing and get on and save the day
        Adair getting stabbed – was shocked on train last night to read this.
        Idra – what a great friend to Caityn although am sending this whole jealousy thing will get worse.
        Wow – where did you get the idea for this masterpiece?

      5. Have been working on a deck all day! Can’t believe I am just now reading this! You do my quavering mind good. Thank you! I love what great insight you have on all the characters. It started out as me feeling pretty ugly inside and coming to some revelations about why. I will probably talk about it during the interview on my Thurs morning. It will be recorded so you can see it any time after. Thank you. I hope when you get to the end you still feel the same! I can’t wait for book three. That’s when Gavin the flirt should get a chance to really shine.

      6. Hmmmm Caityn’s beauty has returned on the outside but she’s still ugly on the inside. Now she’s been kidnapped and I am in turmoil. I just hope they find Nox and recover the amulet before the eclipse – sigh!

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