10 Different Reactions Encountered When You Reveal You Blog #blogging #BloggingGals

Different Reactions Encountered When You Reveal You Blog

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1. “What’s a blog?”

Some know what a blog is and some don’t have a clue. Explaining a blog concept can be tricky, even when you use the ‘it’s like a website’ phrase. Can lead to scratching of heads and puzzled looks. 

2. “What’s a blogger?”

Again only give a description if the person asking looks like they can handle the concept of a blog. If not comment on the weather. 

3. “Do you get freebies?”

I wish! 

4. “Are you going to give up your day job?”

Again – I wish! The best way to handle this is to be naughty, nod and watch the reaction.

5. “Do you speak to other people….online?”

Some people will still gasp when you nod. Can lead to questions on whether you are single / into online dating? In some people’s heads you only venture online if you are looking for romance. 

6. “Are you going to get famous doing that? Like that girl blogger (Zoella) who has a book out and is on TV?”

I like to nod, say that I have a strong American following and my book is due out soon. Sigh! 

7. “Why?”

I ask myself this everyday!  Best just to change the subject. 

8. “What do you wear whilst doing this blogging thing?”

You have to be naughty on this one, assume serious face, say ‘no clothes’ and watch the reaction. 

9. “Can you do it anywhere?”

Nod and say I could blog from your house. It’s a special moment when they gasp and say ‘really?’

10. “Bet you blog about me don’t you?”

Sigh and say “0f course”…

Happy blogging!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

19 thoughts on “10 Different Reactions Encountered When You Reveal You Blog #blogging #BloggingGals

  1. LOL! I love when you do these lists…they are so, so truly funny.

    I also laugh to myself at the irony when you like to say you have a strong American following. I like to say, “Look how many people I get to expand and talk to from other countries.”

    Then, I will make my usual ‘Merica jokes and we will laugh. I just find it amusing. Keep rockin’ Blondie 😉

  2. I swear that the UK is populated primarily by numpties. The upside of this is that it provides the “Blondewrite Team” bountiful fodder to write amusing posts like the one above 🙂
    PS For those who don’t know me I am English, but not a numpty — of course/hopefully.

      1. One day maybe… Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could make a living through writing! When I get a bit better, and get people reading(!!), I’ll share it with those in my life!

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