Useful Mental States For Writing #writers #amwriting


Useful Mental States For Writers

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1. Emotional Wreck

This is my preferred mental state for writing and never fails to deliver some quality stuff. I prefer to grab my laptop and tissues, post an emotional outburst (marital discord, child related, writing related, work related, food related), and just start typing.

2. Sugar Rush Happy  This mental state works for me if I need to churn out the words. I like to demolish a slab of chocolate, wait for the sugar rush, dance off any excess energy and then start typing looking slightly flushed.

3. The Coffee High

This mental state is good for stories involving the paranormal, aliens and the unknown. I find a large strong coffee will work a treat. I like to then sit back and let my caffeine stewed mind go wild.

4. The Low mood

This mental state is useful for sad or depressing scenes. I tend to find that during this mental state I will spend ages dragging out a particular scene whilst getting more and more morose.

5Hormonally Charged

This mental state is so useful for romantic scenes or fight scenes – depending on where I am in my menstrual cycle obviously – sigh!

Let me know what your preferred mental state is for writing?


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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

29 thoughts on “Useful Mental States For Writing #writers #amwriting

  1. I have to feel energised in a calm rather than hyperactive caffeine-induced way. Small sips of water and fresh air in the room to keep me awake. Can’t write if I’m worried, or my desk is untidy. Anything other than my computer screen, mouse, or keyboard on my desk distract me. Am seriously considering throwing the phone out of the window, as its frequent ringing keeps bumping me back into reality in a way not helpful to fictional world-building. Hormones are no longer an issue; nevertheless, I can still write romantic/ hot sex scenes!

  2. Anger is good. It’s fuelled many a scene in a many a novel. Low mood has given me some good creative outbursts as well. My preferred mental state is kind of mix between determination, dreaming/almost being delusional that I’m a famous writer, and a strange kind of inner calm that comes with the delusion. 😀

  3. #1 and 4 gets me writing, I think because in those moments I want to escape into another world! #3 is my go to if I’m so sleepy I can’t see the computer screen anymore. 😉

  4. I don’t drink coffee and not fond of sugar, therefore, number 1, 4 and 5 is def me and my preffered states. Emotional distress can truly get me writing and creative. A win win situation!

  5. As funny as always. 🙂 We do ride an emotional roller coaster whenever we write. My emotions are so easy to manipulate that I don’t need a chemical jumpstart, but the feelings you’re describing are very much the same.

    If I have an argument with someone, though, I usually don’t waste it. I sit down to write something anger-driven.

    *sighs* I’m like the actor in Hamlet who declares (rough paraphrase from memory): “We’re actors. We’re the opposite of people!”

  6. I’ve tried writing while an emotional wreck… What came out of it was a suicide contemplation fanfic that’s gotten a lot of good reviews, but I still hate it for it’s lack of proofreading and conclusion that didn’t make any sense to me in retrospect. I don’t think I’m ever going to write in that state again.

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