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Writing Distractions

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You have stopped typing or scribbling briefly  to think about a character or a plot strand or just a good word to use. Your brain takes some time to come up with the creative goods and after a bit of huffing / puffing you find yourself fiddling with objects around you.

Here are my favourite things to fiddle with whilst in creative mode:

1. Hair

Twirl it around my fingers a lot (whilst scanning for split ends or greyness)

2. Glasses

Remove them, chew on the arm of them and then prod myself (normally in the eye)

3. Pens & Pencils

Chew on the end or tap them annoyingly against the table until my husband shouts at me.

4. Phone

Open and shut the case. Turn it over in my hand and pray for some sort of phone related distraction (call, text, message)

5. Wedding ring

Take it off, put it on again and then see how it looks on another finger (get it stuck)

6. Nails

Chew or marvel at small nail growth

7. Coffee cup

Pick up, put down and inspect closely for wear and tear

8. Keys

Fiddle with, jangle them a lot and then start to test myself on the key / door it opens.

9. Lip Balm

Unscrew, sniff, sigh, apply, re-screw and pout

10. Wine glass

Drain. Circle around the top of it with finger. Hold up to the light. Refill.

11. Cake

Reach into cake box, take out something naughty and devour.

If you are lucky your brain will give you what you need after a quick fiddle or if you are really unlucky your fiddling will turn into full on distraction (cue walk away from writing).

Stay focused out there writers 🙂


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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

21 thoughts on “Writing Distractions #Writers #WritersLife

  1. I play solitaire on my computer to clear my head. In the length of time it takes to play a game–or sometimes less time–my clogged brain clears and I can resume my work. I don’t recommend this approach for writers who try to reach a daily word-count goal. 😉

  2. Five. FIIIIIIVE. On, off, on, off, switch fingers, off, forgotten about due to delirium brught on by writing into the wee hours of the night (in my case, anything past like 9 hahaha).

  3. LOL, you are a fidget!
    In my hormonal days, when acne was a problem, I used to exacerbate it by resting my chin in my hands when dreaming up story plots. Nowadays, with elbow on my desk, I fiddle with my bottom lip, intermittently squeezing it between my thumb and my index and middle finger. But mostly, I do the opposite of fiddling with things and freeze in one position, staring straight ahead of me without blinking and sometimes forgetting to breath.

  4. Hair and nails, yep! 🙂 I also twirl around on this rotating chair I have in front of the computer, lol. Wish I had room to sail across the house on it! 😀

      1. Olympic chair twirler, now that’s a sport I would love! 😀 Yes, it gets the brain muscles working. (maybe) 😉 either way it’s fun.

  5. Yes, to the hair, and to the nails, and to the pens and the phone. It’s usually when drop my phone, pray it’s still working, and sigh with relief when it is, that I make myself stop and either return to the writing or do something else. 🙂

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