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Reactions to You Announcing ThahtWriter-2


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1. Your reader turns to you, after reading your draft, and says “I don’t get it..sorry” – cue awkward moment and sharp intake of breath.

2. Your reader turns to you, whilst reading your draft, and says “I don’t understand why they (characters) don’t talk to each other”. You look away and say quietly “because one is dead” – cue awkward moment, followed by some loud sighing on your part.

3. One of your parents reads your work and raises their eyebrows / puts on a shocked face as they plough through one of your intimate scenes – cue awkward silence and loud gulp from you as you realise that it goes on for 3 pages and they are not even on page two.

4. You ask your partner to read your story which you position as ‘a work of literary art’, their unprompted response after reading – “is that it?” – cue awkward moment followed by a heated row.

5. Someone says to you “you must have finished your book by now, you have been going on about being a writer for years.” – cue awkward silence followed by shake of head and then an outpouring of your excuses.

6. You start telling someone your story and then quickly realise they are not interested and not listening. You end up fading out and pretending you never said anything. Cue awkward moment and a red face.

7.  Your very realiable proofreader looks over your shoulder at a scene you have just meticulously revised and says, “That’s boring.” Cue awkward moment and flat-out depression.

8. Your partner reads your work over your shoulder whilst you are tapping away on the laptop and exclaims “why are you writing about someone having a saucy affair?” – cue awkward silence, followed by a long winded explanation from you on the personal struggle you have faced writing about a saucy affair.

9. Your partner reads your work and asks “why are all your male characters devilishly handsome with amazing muscular bodies?” – cue awkward moment followed by blank stare and shrug of your shoulders.

10. Your reader turns to you, whilst reading your draft of your new dark thriller and says “this is hilarious, I am so glad you are writing a comedy” – cue awkward silence and some head scratching on your part.


Have fun!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

31 thoughts on “Awkward Writer Moments #writing #writers #IATRG #amwriting

  1. Some of these sound like reactions from people who are reading a fanfic of some sort! I think number 6 would hurt the most for me because what’s the point if no one gives a crap about my writing, right?

  2. Here’s my “favorite” – your very realiable proofreader looks over your shoulder at a scene you just revised the crap out of and says, “That’s boring.” Cue flat-out depression.

  3. Part of my new writing routine includes shutting the door to my room for a set time and banning anyone from entering. That includes Mister, who makes the excuse of having to borrow my stapler, instead of buying one of his own. I told him he could keep the darned thing in his desk and I would borrow it when required. But, oh no, better to enter my writing space and try to read what is on the screen. I’ve become an expert at minimising my word document in a flash, but the downside of this is that Mister wonders what I’m up to on the PC (i.e. looking at dishy fellows, or sending emails to some secret lover, perhaps!).

      1. He has his MG! Seriously, he does have my attention quite a lot of the time, but with him working from home, boundaries have to be drawn or I’d never get any writing done.

  4. Hahahahahaha….I can’t stop laughing with these. I do remember the one time I was writing about a very nasty woman… “Ice queen” and there’s my mother standing over my shoulder going “why are you writing that?” Sigh. And I have gotten like Sarah Potter, minimizing screens rapidly. It makes for a very unsettled writing experience.

  5. #5 It takes years to write/edit/perfect a book, but people who don’t write can’t seem to understand that.
    #6 Ah, yes. That’s when I begin to wonder why I bother.
    #9, yep. Gotta add them handsome hunks, you know? I can’t help it! 😉

  6. There are many good reasons why my mother will never read my books. Though if I get them published how will I stop her? Now that’s a thought… Crap. :/

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