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Writer Moods

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1. Writer’s Euphoria – It’s the writing mood we all secretly yearn to be in. Every sentence sounds amazing and you are shocked at how good your writing is sounding. As more words gush out onto the page you are filled with a powerful burst of intense writing happiness leaving you breathless, flushed and smiling.

Key phrases during this mood are:

“I think I will send a publisher this first draft”

“I think I am close to having a writing orgasm”


2. Writer’s Constipation – You have been sat at the desk for some time (hours or even days) and despite a lot of huffing and puffing you have only managed to squeeze out a couple of sentences. It’s a terrible writing mood to be in and can lead to some dark times.

Key phrases during this mood are:

“Nothing is happening”

“I feel like I am creatively blocked up”


3. A Tinkering Writer – You are in the mood for a bit of a potter in your imaginary writing shed. Paragraphs will get swapped around and some words altered. Nothing serious will be get produced however a spot of creative tinkering will put a smile on your face.

Key phrases during this mood are:

“I am just going to move this here and that there”

“I am in the mood for a bit of a fiddle”


4. A Writer in Crisis – You are in writing turmoil. As you read your drafts you get no buzz or warm tingly feeling. You may have some writer’s block thrown in too. Giving up writing feels like your only option. There is a lot of loud sighing, huffing and puffing coming from you. Friends and family give you a wide berth. This turmoil stage can go on for weeks or even months.

The only phrase during this mood is:

“I am close to quitting”


5. The Frustrated Writer – You really need to write as creative tension is building up inside of you. Life is preventing you from writing and you are becoming irritable and cranky. If only you could be left alone to type or write out your frustrations.

Key phrases during this mood are:

“I am getting a big urge to do it ”

“If you don’t let me do it I will carry on muttering and rocking in the corner”


Let me know if you have other writer moods you want to share?


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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

33 thoughts on “Writer Moods #writing #writers #writerslife

  1. Post-writing Depression. You have finished a novel and are within weeks of publishing. You read part of it and realize you wouldn’t buy this piece of junk in a one penny bin. You will never write again. Your mind has been playing with you. You can’t write an intelligent sentence if your life depends on it. You have no creative ideas about how to fix this monstrosity. You delete it from your computer, and bring out the vodka.

    The phrase in this mood is:

    “Maybe I can knit.”

  2. You are an expert in the world of writing, you capture the essence in your seemingly effortless way. I have experienced all of the above but am currently lurking around number 4, but I am hoping to arrive back at number 1 at some point! Thanks for the post and making me smile 🙂

      1. That is because you have a brain stock-piled high with exciting plots, characters and twists…there should be another number added…writer envy…I would have that too right now! 🙂

  3. How about the schizophrenic mood. It goes something like this… “Ooh, this is really good. I’m creating magic here!” An hour later after rereading your masterpiece of a scene. “This sucks! Why did I ever want into this business? I can’t write, and will get shredded in reviews.” An hour later. “Well, maybe it’s not so bad. Ya, I can make this work.” The next morning review. “What was I thinking?”

  4. “Writer’s Fading Time” is another of my writing moods. You are busy with a list of things you know you have to do, and in between you sigh and whine, huff and puff, about how you want to get back to writing. There is much whining, and people may avoid you, until you are back happily at your desk to start writing again. A good iced coffee may help relieve some tension too.

      1. Heh.

        A little constipated, but mostly so frustrated with different aspects that, yeah, I do feel like quitting. That’s like a lump in the stomach.

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