Writers & Spiders #Writers #Writing #Amwriting

Spiders & Writers

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Writers are like spiders:

– We spin a beautiful and magnificent story web using an array of words

– We marvel at the beauty of our story web once it’s completed

– We sit on our web waiting for our unsuspecting reader – the fly

– We watch as our reader flies into our amazing story web

– We watch our reader become so caught up in our story web that escape  for them is futile


Some achieve the above whilst some of us ‘spiders’ are not quite there yet….


– We struggle at spinning a beautiful and magnificent story web

– We stare in horror as our story web starts to sag and disintegrate before our very eyes

– We get blown away by a big gust of wind and spend months trying to find our half-finished web

– We sit and wait for an army of reader flies to hit our web but get despondent when we only get one or two fruit flies

– We compare our web size and structure to other spider’s webs

– We waste valuable web spinning time ‘nattering’ to other spiders

– We manage to trap a reader fly but watch in horror as they wriggle free and fly off shouting to their fly mates that our web is rubbish

– We get frustrated and despondent with web spinning and storm off into a bush muttering ‘I have had ENOUGH! – I QUIT’

– We creep back to our web post our spider strop and quietly carry on spinning…


Spin those webs my spider friends 🙂




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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

31 thoughts on “Writers & Spiders #Writers #Writing #Amwriting

  1. Exquisitely put. I just loved the analogy and am feeling like a charged up spider already. I hope to spin something today that the flies find worth trapping into 🙂

  2. I love the analogy you draw! How many times I have done the below 😛
    – We sit on our web waiting for our unsuspecting reader – the fly

    And so we go spinning and spinning and spinning…..

    1. Me too – especially books that trap me good and proper, when you know that you are at the mercy of author and they can do whatever they like with you 🙂

  3. I love the spider analogy. My Labrador eats spiders, but fortunately she’s kinder to my writing. She’s a particularly patient listener when I’m reading my works-in-progress out loud, provided there are biscuits forthcoming at the end!

  4. Despite the fact that I find spiders super-creepy, this post made me smile. Especially with the visual of a spider folding its little front legs and marching off into a bush in a strop. 😀

  5. Funnily enough, I was actually sitting on my balcony today having a coffee and I was looking at a spider web and thinking how intricate and masterfully woven it was. I love your analogy of the spider – writer. Perfect 🙂

  6. I want so much to be that successul spider “watching readers become so caught up in my story web that escape for them is futile!” I am constantly rebuilding my web as the wind keeps blowing it down, and several leaves instead of reader-flies have become tangled in it. *huffs* I need some good reader-fly bait.

      1. Good idea. I shall do the same. 🙂 Just keep spinning~ just keep spinning~ just keep spinning~spinning~spinning~
        (Finding Nemo reference, lol)

      2. I spun through two chapters over the weekend, weaving those editing threads, and now they drip with my weary sweat.
        You are on a roll, btw, keep at it!

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