Different Reactions to Your Decision to Quit Writing #Writers #WritersLife

Different Reactions to Your Decision to Quit Writing

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1. ‘Oh’  (*goes back to reading newspaper / book*) – cue awkward silence as you stand waiting for something more than just an ‘oh’ – this is such a big deal to you and does not deserve that!

2. ‘I never liked J.K Rowling’s books anyway!’ – cue your frustrated face – how many times have you told them that you are not trying to be like J.K Rowling? – Aghhhh!

3. ‘Have a cup of tea and you will feel much better’ – your mother’s standard answer to any problem, she said the same thing last week when your husband was annoying you and the week before when the kids were doing your head in.

4. ‘Do something else then!’ – cue your annoyed face as you know full well you can’t do something else!  Don’t they realise this?

5. ‘Can I have your laptop then?’ – your child has been after your laptop for months, hearing this is like Christmas to them. Cue the cute begging face from child which gives you instant nightmare visions of them going through all your writing files.

6. ‘Probably for the best eh?’ – one of the most infuriating comment ever! Cue angry reply “and what you do mean by that?” which is followed with their blank look and shrug of shoulders. You then leap to the conclusion that they don’t think you are very good at writing so it’s best you give up. Cue tears and strop back to laptop – you’ll show them!

7. ‘So we are not going to be famous and live in a big country house where neither of us works ever again?’ – oh why do they have to play back one of your writing daydreams at one of your weak moments! Did they really believe that rubbish that you were spouting after finishing your first draft?

8. ‘I never liked that story you were working on but I didn’t have the heart to tell you after I had read it’ – cue emotional outburst and storm off from you.

9. ‘You can’t give it up, I do know you!’ – cue your frustrated face and maybe a ‘ahhhhh!’ as they are right but you don’t like to admit it

10. ‘Shame as I thought you were quite good at writing’ – cue your look of shock followed by a smile and then a slow walk back to laptop. This is the golden response that we all need to hear when we are thinking of quitting.  C’mon give us a bit of writing praise when we are down – it works a treat!

Best not to quit!


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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

42 thoughts on “Different Reactions to Your Decision to Quit Writing #Writers #WritersLife

  1. Listen! I cannot wait for your book! I want a presale autographed book! And I promise it will never make my “Get Rid of it!!!” list because I will keep it forever! So, like John Cena says…”Never Give Up!” 😁

      1. You have spurred me on now just so that I can see it on a “Get Rid of It” post. Would you say something like ‘words fail me on this trash’ – ha ha!

      2. Lol hilarious! Ooooh, I guess I will have to figure something out now since I can’t necessarily prank you this way since we just planned it together.😅

      3. If I am now madly typing you must promise to do this, it must be a serious post too. Just like you have found something that doesn’t need to be in your house. Thx in advance YaYa – will mention you in my acknowledgements 🙂

  2. Ha ha. Aren’t these the absolute truth. I asked a family member if she liked a particular story. She rolled her eyes and asked if writing was the only thing I could talk about. 😀 😀

      1. Some people, eh? Maybe you should slip this blog post under his nose. Underline the part about the good response. 🙂

  3. I agree, when we are feeling down some writing praise is needed! And a hot cup of tea makes every situation better 😉 lol.
    #8 would be the worst, btw–totally nightmare, and drowning my sorrows in chocolate.

    1. I quite like no. 8 in a weird so of sadistic way, at least its feedback. Most of the time when people do this to me I sort have know that my story wasn’t very good. Its as though they are telling me what I already know but refuse to accept.

      1. Good point. Lol, so sadistic. 😉 But I agree that I would rather have people tell me the truth and say right out if they liked it or not. Honesty is needed, even if it brings tears, in the end it’s best.

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