The Benefits of Reviewing Your Blogging Trash Folder #blogging #bloggers #writers


The Benefits of Reviewing Your Blog Trash Folder

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Just had a rummage through my blogging trash folder. This is where my blog posts go if they have not have been posted and for some reason I have decided to ‘trash’ them.

There are many benefits for reviewing your Blog Trash folder:

  • Sometimes we are quick to trash stuff.
  • Occasionally a blog post that doesn’t read right needs some time away from you. When you come back to it I guarantee you will see what is wrong with it.
  • Sometimes you can make use parts of old deleted blog posts to form new posts.
  • Its a good idea for when you are suffering from Blogger’s Block. There can be some hidden gems in your trash folder.

Ok, here goes, let’s open up the Blondewritemore blogging trash folder:


Blog Post Titled: Blonde writer pens the ‘writers’ version of Taylor Swift’s hit ‘Shake it Up’.

I really enjoyed writing the ‘writers version’ of ‘Shake it Up.’ I titled it ‘Send it Off’. Basically I re wrote the lyrics on behalf of writers everywhere who are looking to send off a manuscript to a publisher.

It was so much fun branching out creatively into song writing. I didn’t go for Taylor’s rap bit as I thought that was a creative step too far.

Now whenever I listen to the song on my radio I actually sing my ‘Send it Off’ version and not Taylor’s – sigh!

I didn’t post my lyrics as I was unsure of copyright issues and more importantly Taylor getting jealous of my song writing abilities. I see myself now as the older English version of Taylor – obviously with some small differences – two kids, a husband, 3 cats, wider hips, longer hair, shorter legs stronger hormones and bigger nose – sigh!


Blog Post Titled: Blonde writer writes a personal letter to Ray Bradbury

This was fun. It was a personal letter to Ray telling him all about how I was getting on with becoming a writer after following his quote about going wild in libraries, wearing books on your head and sniffing pages.

I didn’t post it because I felt it was too random plus I didn’t want my local library finding out about how much fun I have in their book aisles. Obviously in my head the entire world reads my blog – sigh!


Blog Post Titled: The thrill of the corporate job chase – a romantic tale

This is a humorous story of someone being head hunted for a corporate job however it’s written in a romantic fiction styley!

‘LinkedIn’ is positioned as the online dating app, the company doing the head hunting is the male and the person being head hunted is the female.

I don’t know why I didn’t post this.


Blog Post Titled: Blonde writer’s account of her troubled writing night

This was one of those frustrating writing occasions where I went to bed deliberating a plot issue. My writing brain refused to switch off so I struggled to get to sleep, when I did fall asleep I found myself sitting bolt upright in bed at 3.24am saying ‘solved!’. The solution was there. This post records the troubled night.

I have not posted this because I am sure other writers go through this and don’t want to read about me waking at half hourly intervals, muttering in my sleep and then going downstairs to resolve the plot issue in the small hours.


Blog Post Titled: How to spot a blonde writer in the gym?

I wrote this last year when I was a member of a gym. I cancelled my membership after deciding I needed 6 months of doing 0 exercise. Now I am  a gym member again after deciding that 6 months of doing 0 exercise results in nothing but extra ‘timber’ being added to the waist.

This post was fun as it was what to look for when trying to spot a blonde writer in a gym. A little taster – the colour and style of lyrcra (outfit) number was a reflection of my creativity levels…. sigh!


I think I better shut the trash folder for now…


What’s in your blog post trash folder?


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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

30 thoughts on “The Benefits of Reviewing Your Blogging Trash Folder #blogging #bloggers #writers

  1. You have to post “Send it Off!” You won’t have trouble with licensing issues because you’ve changed them; they are now YOUR lyrics, even if we might hear her melody. You’ve also got a few others I’d love to read — so creative!

      1. Just be careful not to put her lyrics down too for comparison. But you absolutely can say to read it with her song title and melody in mind. Then tweet it to Taylor Swift; she’s a really good sport.

      2. OMG I could not tweet Taylor, my BFF in my head, can you imagine the shriek I would made if she responded? You would hear in across the Atlantic! Will do – thx for advice!

  2. You are so creative.
    I have no trash folder. I delete as I go, my new housekeeping rule, otherwise I’d be overwhelmed by my own trash. I tended to be a hoarder of all things I created. Bah!

      1. Hmmmmmmm – there are some cracking lines! Just need to do my own pop video now and I will be just like my ‘BFF in my head’ – Taylor 😉

      2. I am now dreading your comment on my post tomorrow ‘motorbike writer’ – will it live up to your song writing expectations?

  3. I would so love to see Send It Off. I love Taylor Swift, and that song. 😀 As for my trash folder, I don’t really have one. I’m one of those ‘no filter’ people. Generally what’s in my head comes out of my mouth/fingers. I think sometimes I should get a filter, but have yet to see one that suits me. 😀

  4. Usually, I don’t have any deleted blog posts. They never seem to get typed up, since most of my early, early drafts are scratched notes on paper. That’s one way I weed things out. Both in content and “if I make sure I know where these notes are, then I must like something about the post” kinda way.

    I lose things all too often. 🙂

  5. Firstly – these sound like great ideas. Just post them. People can choose to read or not, but I’m sure many would be interested.
    Secondly, I don’t have deleted posts but do have a few drafts relating to writing romance novels. Things that are not yet ready for public consumption. Mostly about controversial stuff like how far is too far when writing a sex scene and the fine lines between sexy romance, erotica and porn… Tricky area. And also, should books have ratings in the same way that films do? The pros and cons of that are a grey area yet to be teased out…

  6. A few of my flash fiction stories that I saved went in my trash bin early this morning, because they are not as good as yours.

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