Blogging – Things a Blonde Writer Said to a Loved One During & Post a Blog Viewing Spike #blogging #bloggers


During blog viewing spike
“I can’t make you a cup of tea because I am experiencing a blog spike” [move away from kettle quickly]

“My stats are spiking (15 extra views than normal) AND America hasn’t even WOKEN UP yet!” [jump up and down]

“I know you are struggling with my lack of ironing but Sweden loves me right now” [flash stats tool showing 3 views from Sweden in loved ones face]

OMG both my blog and I are peaking every 3 hours!” [puzzled look from the cat]

Blog spike” [with upward arm movement to reinforce the spike]

“No its got nothing to do with a guest blogger’s post….ha ha! It’s all me….just let me check which post it was now that caused this surge in views..”

[difficult silence]

“Nice weather we have been having isn’t it?” [looks out of window to distract loved one]


Post blog viewing spike

“Its hard coming back down to reality. Yesterday I was someone online and now I am back to being me” [dejected look]

“I need to work some through some things today, best if you leave me alone” [huffing and puffing]

“Can you log onto my blog and just open it up a load of times so I can recreate that special blogging spike moment again?” [cue sweet face]

I am feeling needy and clingy every three hours” [cue pathetic face]
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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

33 thoughts on “Blogging – Things a Blonde Writer Said to a Loved One During & Post a Blog Viewing Spike #blogging #bloggers

  1. Yep. Another great sum up. You are not alone, my blonde, blogging IBFF! I wish I could capture these moments as well as you do. It amazes me how your skills of observation can be put into words so easily. It’s a gift!

    1. Thx IBFF – I like to think you are like me, just got up and staggering about with coffee in hand but am thinking you are probably nearly shuffling on to bed?

      1. 🙂 We are the same, but opposites! 😉 Thanks for that, but you are far more cleverer-er than me. ❤ I should be seeing as how it's almost midnight, but no. I'll be up a bit longer as I'm working my way through the WIP.

  2. it’s weird…no matter if I have 10 comments and 15 likes, my Stats can say I only have 2 views, so I stopped paying attention. But I remember the feeling when I started in January. I nearly almost hyperventilated when I had my first view. lol

      1. It’s fine – it was my Grandpa George, he was v old and is no longer suffering. Thx for HUG – just trying to get my breath back!

  3. HAHAHA! Oh these emotions we feel about our blogs. Some days I have to tell myself, “Don’t look at your stats! that is not what you are here for.” Of course I don’t usually follow that sage advice 😛

  4. Ah, you’ve got me with the pathetic face cue! I can’t handle it. XD You’re torturing us with those pleading faces, BlondeLucy!

    I’m sorry to hear about your grandpa. *sends you HUG*. How old was he?

  5. Aah, the ups and downs of the blogging and writing world. One minute you’re “it” and the next you’re, well, not. Sigh.

      1. I haven’t said I quit, but I certainly feel like it I think my motivation has gone on holiday… But, we must persevere. Alas books and stories won’t write themselves. 🙂

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