The Emotional Stages of an Unsuccessful Blog Post #Bloggers #BloggingGals



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You excitedly tap out a blog post.

In your head you see this post as the one which will:

  • Catapult you into the blogging hall of fame.
  • Send your blog notifications will into meltdown.
  • See you hailed as a blogging genius.

Here are the emotional stages experienced as this post tanks:

1. Optimism – You remain hopeful despite your stats tool flat-lining. You happily check the clock to see whether international readers are awake (always assume their lives revolve around your blogging schedule), check google for world holidays, festivals and celebrations. There must be another reason why your amazing post has tanked. Always remain positive. Those international readers could be having a cheeky lie-in!

2. Denial – You ignore the fact that your post failed to attract readers and do what I do – put it down to world weather or dodgy internet airwaves. It wasn’t your fault so move on! Fingers in ears and la la la time!

3. Realisation – It dawns on you that there was something wrong with your blog post and responsibility for publishing a bad post lies at your door! This normally hits you when you are doing something unrelated – in my case ‘blogging home truths’ come to me when I am shaving my legs causing me to stop and reflect – this invariably leads to patchy legs – sigh! (I tell myself this is all part of blogging life)

Some bloggers are able to mentally move on at the realisation stage – they say to themselves that it was a bad post but it’s not the end of the world.

Some bloggers can’t leave it there…

4. Guilt – The guilt of producing ‘blogging post manure‘ hits you hard. You suddenly feel guilty for your blog readers wading through your dire post. You want to reach out to the handful of brave readers who endured it and send them flowers or give them a hug. Cue some gushing messages from you on their blog, leaving heartfelt comments on their posts makes you feel better.

You get emotional when you read your dire post again and picture your poor suffering reader shaking their head in dismay at their screen. You may even whip up an apology post.

This will be followed by some sleepless nights and then perhaps a loved one telling you to pull yourself together / get a life – sigh!

5. Anxiety – Posting after an unsuccessful blog post can bring on blogging anxiety. So many questions will run through your mind – will it happen again? Is this the start of the blog rot? You will confide in an uninterested loved one who will raise an eyebrow and then turn their attention back to the TV.

6. Acceptance – Time has passed. Your clanger post is now history. You have done some blogging soul-searching and identified where things went wrong. You feel like the experience was character building for you.

You feel better about blogging and if like me you will have regained control of your leg hair growth – sigh!


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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

43 thoughts on “The Emotional Stages of an Unsuccessful Blog Post #Bloggers #BloggingGals

      1. I have to shave in between laser hair removal treatments. I am never 100% certain I’ve gotten everything because there are bald spots. It might feel smooth and then you lose your train of thought…poof! There are days I am so focused on work that I have stood in the shower for 20 minutes asking myself how I “normally do this”. If you are distracted, you’ll forget something and the whole point of showering is to be clean, not to be forgetful, but I get a lot of my best ideas in there.

  1. Been through stages 1,3&6. Wish every blog post will be the post to grow readership and increase SEO, sigh. But relying on trial and error, and keep on blogging.

  2. I go through this way more than I’d like to. I swear: the posts I think will be big tank and the posts that seem doofy are the ones people care about. Still trying to figure out the “magic”. 🙂

    1. I can relate to that Kit Dunsmore, the posts I write on the hop and quickly do well. The posts I slave over tank!
      One day we will find the magic!
      Happy Sunday and thx for commenting 🙂

  3. Actually, what I recently realized is that if you take a break from the blogosphere because pressing things OFF the computer simply have to take priority, the interaction on the one or two posts you put up don’t get the same attention : /

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