10 Writer Reactions to ‘How is That Novel You Are Working on Coming Along?’ #Writing #Writers

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Some days writing a book can be fun, satisfying and rewarding. Some days writing a book can be scream inducing, dark and torturous.

Depending on your mood you may give a different answer to the innocent and totally acceptable question “how is your book coming along?”

Here are 10 different reactions to that question:

1. ‘Great thanks!’ – beaming smile and twinkling eyes. All is well in writing land.

2. Awkward silence on your part, words fail you when you think about your book.

3. ‘I will let you know when it’s finished.’ – quietly confident and not giving too much away.

4. ‘It’s not coming along so can we talk about something else?’ – folded arms and ‘bulldog chewing a wasp’ expression on face. Everything about you screams ‘the book subject is a no go area!’

5. ‘Oh it’s AMAZING, sometimes I just sit and write all day!’ you say, breathlessly, closing your eyes, shaking your head and owning that look of utter bliss.

6. ‘I HATE it!’ – sudden high-pitched shriek, making the other person jump and giving them the impression that you are a complete writer psycho.

7. ‘Oh my goodness it’s bestseller material.’ Thumbs up and confident grin.

8. ‘I quit writing it 5 minutes ago – just had enough of the damn thing. I am off to take up growing watercress out of my own hand painted egg shells…..I can’t paint or draw to save my life but hey who cares!’ – creative sigh, before wandering off to the fridge.

9. ‘Have you got six free hours so that I can sit with you and walk you through the first draft sentence by sentence?’ Excited expression and some trembling of limbs.

10. ‘Please tell the characters in my head to stop talking to me all at once’ Writing land has just been renamed crazy land. Your deranged look leaves a lasting impression on the person who asked you how your draft was coming along.

Take care out there writers.

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Lucy Mitchell lives in South Wales with her husband, her two teenage daughters, a giant labrador and a gang of unruly cats. Lucy is the author of the award winning blog, BlondeWriteMore and was a Featured Romance Author on Wattpad. When she’s not working or writing, Lucy can be found listening to audiobooks in a muddy field with her dog or sat outside her local pub in the sunshine enjoying a glass of wine. Her debut novel Instructions For Falling In Love Again is out in June 2019.

43 thoughts on “10 Writer Reactions to ‘How is That Novel You Are Working on Coming Along?’ #Writing #Writers

  1. Hi, Lucy. It was great meeting you at the blog meet and greet yesterday. I appreciate your visit to my site. Your post titles are so original! And I don’t even want to tell you how ‘on the mark’ you were with ’10 reactions’. Thanks for the follow!

  2. I love #8… visited there many times. Okay, actually they’re all great. I really enjoy your lists. They’re so spot on. Writers really are crazy… or unstable at least. Wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

  3. 8 and 10! Especially 10! I tend to think my characters are a bunch of rude, divas and divos at times. Seriously the world doesn’t revolve around them. Geesh! Great post. I have burnt away the krispy kreme, cream filled doughnut I just devoured by laughing.

  4. Writing a book is one of the hardest thing to do, at least for me personally. My problem is editing all my ideas down, at the rate I’m going each chapter will be 300 pages, ugh. I hope you are having better luck.

  5. My reaction is a smile and a nod to hide the editing frustrations I’m going through. Pretend it’s all good, and then it will be. ;P
    Which reaction is yours right now?

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