How to Handle Your Inner Writing Critic’ #writing #writers


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Inside my blonde head lives my ‘inner writing critic’ – an imaginary person who constantly says negative stuff about my writing. I have started answering back to it (yes that’s right – talking back to myself!)

Here are my responses to my annoying and tiresome ‘inner writing critic’


1. “It sounds REALLY basic, if someone read this they would think a pre-school child wrote it”

Its a second draft for goodness sake – intelligent stuff starts on the 8th draft! Sigh!


2. “Oh my goodness this is serious rubbish”

Hmmm agree! – Lets be honest I have read worse and paid for the luxury too


3. You’re not very good at writing”

I never said I was?


4. What will your friends / family think of you when they read this?”

They can say what they like when I get published.


5. “You will never finish this book”

If I carry on listening to you I definitely won’t finish my book


6. You are not good as…[enter author’s name of my choice]

Bla bla bla – boring!


7. “Give up now”

No because I like to prove a point – I can do this!


8.  “You are far too busy to write”

I am far too busy with writing to listen to you


Let me know if you have an ‘inner writing critic’?

If the answering back fails I shall return to having a little cry and eating chocolate to help ignore it!

Happy writing 🙂

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

16 thoughts on “How to Handle Your Inner Writing Critic’ #writing #writers

  1. Oh, yeah, we all have that little annoying voice. I especially love your answer to #4! That’s an excellent mindset, and one I adopted for years. No one calls the endless hours I spend writing “a cute little hobby” any more. 🙂 Self-doubt is one of the worse enemies we have. Kick that b**ch to the curb. Persistence is king!

    1. Thx Sue – it’s not easy this writing hobby, have never known a hobby where ‘beating yourself up mentally’ is part of the fun! Thx for commenting guest blogger 🙂

  2. Find a little box or jar, put that irritating little critic inside it, close it up tight, and leave it outside on a fence post. Tell it you’ll be back for a little “constructive” criticism when you need it. Then walk away! I actually did that as an artist’s exercise, and it worked 🙂

  3. Oh yeah, we all have these – no, I will never be Phillipa Gregory, Kate Atkinson or Deborah Moggach but I do have SOME talent!

    I review a lot of indie books for a popular book blog; make your aim ‘to write a really good book’ rather than ‘to write a bestseller’. 😀 Know what I mean!!!

  4. Inner critic: People will read your book and think you’re weird. Family and friends will distance themselves from you. Your book doesn’t fit in any one genre.
    My response: Huff; eat chocolate or ice cream; grumble and pout; then go back to writing and story planning.

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