10 Responses to an Agitated Loved One’s Question “How Much Longer Till This Book is Finished?” #writer #author


This is a difficult situation to handle for any writer.

Here are some suggested responses on how to handle this tricky question:

1. “It’s on the second draft, I have lots of drafts ahead of me” [sigh and look away]

2. “How much longer till you earn mega bucks so that I can give up work and finish my book?” [raise eyebrows and stare at them]

3. “Patience my precious loved one!” [tap them lightly on the head]

4. Sigh and then bang head against wall. Release all that loved one frustration.

5. “Thank your lucky stars I am not suffering from one of my writer’s block episodes” [finish with a nervous laugh]

6. “How long till you let me off the ironing, washing and house cleaning so that I can finish it faster?” [finish with a cheeky wink at them]

7. “I don’t get this sort of grief from the cat” [shake head disapprovingly]

8. “Have you ever written a book? No? Thought so – enough said!” [tut loudly and look away]

9. “I am busy spinning straw into gold, it’s going to take some time” [give them a sugary sweet smile]

10 “Did you read my post on how I prepare for my weekly 1000 word writing contests? Maybe you should to get a feel for the pain I go through on just putting out a 1000 words…..a novel is like 90,000 words. [place look of horror on your face]



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28 thoughts on “10 Responses to an Agitated Loved One’s Question “How Much Longer Till This Book is Finished?” #writer #author

  1. They all do it, as they have no idea the work that goes into writing a novel. Mister tells me off for being too pedantic, especially about punctuation. He says that I should just get the book out there, as the average reader doesn’t care about where the commas or semicolons go.

      1. Hah, that’s an idea. He’s quite funny on a good day!
        Talking about posts, I know that you’re probably thinking that I’ll never do a guest post, but I will when someone gives me time to write it. The outline is in my head. It’s just a case of having a non-fragmented day in which nobody will interrupt me halfway through typing it up, which is what’s happening at the moment with everything I attempt to do. Grrrrr. I’m not even being given enough time to visit other people’s blogs for a read, so am feeling very neglectful.

  2. โ€œHave you ever written a book? No? Thought so โ€“ enough said!โ€ [tut loudly and look away] Yep, that’s my response. And if a waterballoon or slice of cake is available, it will land on their head. ๐Ÿ™‚

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