Writing & Making up Dance Routines – 9 Similarities #writer #writing


How to Survive the Blank During Your Story Pitch-2


Hands up – who made up dance routines as a child?

Who did this and put on little dance performances with their friends in front of an audience of bored family and elderly neighbours?

Who practiced their dance routine for hours in front of their bedroom mirror so that they could be amazing at the youth club disco?

I am hoping some of you still like to dream up your own dance routines. I still do 🙂 Sigh!

This post lists all the reasons why writing is similar to making up your own dance routine:

1. You spend hours in private writing and you spend hours in private practicing your dance routine (in front of the bedroom mirror).

2. Writing is a very personal thing, so too is dancing.

3. You can dress up your writing / book by printing it out on fancy paper, getting a flash book cover designed and filling your story with some amazing words.

You can dress up your dance sequence through the choices you make with Lycra outfit, makeup, music and the amount of glitter.

4. You can express yourself through your story, at times making it intense and emotional.

You can express yourself through your dance routine; there are lots of way you can come across as intense and emotional through the medium of dance. I know I can (with no formal dance training – I might add! – sigh)

5. Things can go wrong with your story; the plot can sag, some parts just don’t make sense and your characters can sometimes come across as dull.

Things can go wrong with your dance routine like ‘hurting feet‘, you get a ‘stitch’ half way through or you trip over your own feet during an energetic bit.

6. Letting someone read your story for the first time can be nerve wracking and stomach churning.

Showing a loved one or some good friends your own special dance routine for the first time can give you sleepless nights beforehand.

7. Half way through reading your 65,000 NaNoWriMo story to someone you can find that they are fidgeting,  looking at cracks in the wall or just asleep.

Half way through your dance routine you can find that your loved one has gone back to reading the newspaper, has put the sports programme on mute or has left the room.

8. Some writers are methodical and carefully plan their story. Some writers like to be daring and see where their story takes them.

The same applies to dance routines, some of us like to plan out our dance routine making sure we ‘shimmy’ at the right point in the music.

Some of us cannot control ourselves and our dance routine becomes an uncontrolled stream of mad arms, leg kicks and head shakes.

9. After someone has read your story they can give you feedback that maybe you weren’t expecting like ‘it was a bit slow at the start’ or ‘I didn’t find that chapter worked’. 

After you have showcased your dance routine you might find that your loved one or good friend gives you some feedback that perhaps you were not expecting like ‘what was that?’ or ‘are you feeling hormonal again love?’ 



Happy writing and dancing in front of the mirror readers 🙂


photo credit: <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/8757741@N04/2295478680″>Back in the Day</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a&gt; <a href=”https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/”>(license)</a&gt;

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18 thoughts on “Writing & Making up Dance Routines – 9 Similarities #writer #writing

  1. Lol my friends and I had a group called Puerto Ricans on the Lose…we uses to perform at school functions…lol we were not as good as we thought we were.

  2. I really hope my writing is better than my dancing, or there’s no hope for me D: What’s the writer’s equivalent of having two left feet? Tripping over your own words and losing a grip on your plot, I suppose!

  3. Yes, I used to do ballet and dream up ballet stuff as a kid. But now I make up my own hip hop/zumba/martial arts dance that makes no sense to anyone. 😀

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