19 Different Writer Faces #writers #amwriting


Writer Reactions to an Unfinished Draft


1. Standard Writer Face – a very intense look – darting eyes and the odd facial twitch due to high creativity levels

2. Happy Writer Face – smiley, breathless, big eyes, owning that  ‘I’ve just pumped out 5,000 words’ look!

3. Unhappy Writer Face – glum, sad eyes, deep sighs.

4. Writer’s Block Face – sour expression, mouth twisted, frustrated and owning that ‘I have not written anything for days and I feel terrible’ look [similar to the ‘I am constipated’ look]

5. ‘I have been busy writing a naughty romantic scene’ Writer Face –  flushed face and twinkling eyes

6. Competitive Writer Face – sour expression, mouth small and twisty. Owning that ‘how dare they write more words than me in 24 hours and then tweet about it?”

7. Editing Writer Face – weary and pained expression. Pale face suggesting one has spent some serious time locked away and droopy eyes.

8. Eureka Moment Writer Face –  eyes closed, fists clenched and raised in the air, huge smile of face.

9. Procrastinating Writer Face – eyes darting about looking for something else to do than writing, chewing lip and guilty expression on face.

10. ‘I have been busy writing an emotional scene’ Writer Face – teary eyes, blotchy face and some deep breaths being taken.

11. I am missing working on my WIP’ Writer Face – strained expression, sad eyes and long sighs.

12.Received Negative Feedback Writer Face – gritted teeth, agitated expression and scary eyes

13. Received Positive Feedback Writer Face – happy eyes, huge smile and giving off positive vibes.

14 Returning to an old unfinished draft Writer Face – screwed up eyes, head shaking disapprovingly and an expression similar to sucking lemons.

15 Post NaNoWriMo Writer Face – pale, dark circles around eyes, zombie expression and muttering about word counts

16. Just discovered huge plot hole Writer Face – looks like you are doing a silent scream, mouth wide open and unblinking eyes.

17. ‘I lost it’ Writer Face – panic stricken, wide eyed and frantically digging through brain looking for that awesome scene you wrote in your head an hour ago when you were not in any position to write. (Thx to Writerbeelove for this)

18. ‘I need to type this before I (waste precious time) going to the loo’ Writer Face – face red, legs crossed and fingers frantically tapping away on keyboard. (Thx to Tess for this)

19. ‘I am More than a writer’ Writer Face – with glaring looks accompanying snarls at family, friends, boss pulling me away from my writing with their real world demands. (Thx to noextrawords)

Please let me know of any other writer faces out there?

photo credit: <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/7577311@N06/471517080″>Hooded stranger</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a&gt; <a href=”https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/”>(license)</a&gt;

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

35 thoughts on “19 Different Writer Faces #writers #amwriting

      1. haha Sadly, I have no idea how it happened. Was that a distracted writer habit maybe? haha At least I’m not sitting at a conference table with fifteen people staring at me with my gaping shirt holes. It wouldn’t be a pretty sight. haha

    1. I make many faces whilst writing and I thought it would be fun to record some 🙂 was going to add photos of my many different faces but sadly stopped myself…

  1. I Lost It face – panic-stricken, wide eyes, frantically digging through brain looking for that awesome scene you wrote in your head an hour ago when you weren’t anywhere near a position to write it down

  2. How about the More Than a Writer face, with glaring looks accompanying snarls at the family/boss/friends PULLING ME AWAY FROM MY WRITING with their real world demands.

  3. Writing through intense action scenes face: Teeth clenched together, fingers pressing hard on the keyboard like a mad drum, forehead sweating and hair going frizzy from the sweat, growling at anybody who dares disturb your train of thought. 😉

  4. Nice blog. You have captured all of the writing faces, feelings and failings in this blog. Your blog is a good read. I just read three of your blog posts. Today you should wearing the Happy Writer’s

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