17 Blogger Faces #BloggingGals #blogger


1. Standard Blogger Face – bright eyed and bushy tailed, fingers poised ready to tap out a quick post.

2. ‘My blog is experiencing a spike in views and visitors’ Blogger Face – big eyes fixed on the blogging stat tool, huge grin at the spike in graph, whilst saying “Its time to give up my day job Baby!”

3. ‘My blog is no longer experiencing a spike in views and visitors’ Blogger Face – eyes fixed on blogging stat tool, loud sighing, glum expression and muttering “Where have all my online fans gone?” and “I am so glad I didn’t hand in my notice yesterday”

4. ‘My blog is linked to my emotional wellbeing’ Blogger Face – tears welling up in eyes, sad face, droopy mouth saying things like “I am not feeling myself today….my blog stats are down”

5. ‘I have made a new blogging friend Blogger Face’ – eyes twinkling, smiley, happy, jigging up and down on the spot, perhaps asking an uninterested loved one things like “how much is a plane fare to [add country of choice]?” and “Do you think they [enter blogger name] would like my lasagne dish?”

6. Competitive Blogger Face – eyes fixed on blog reader, serious expression, shaking of head and muttering “how did she / he get all those likes with that post?” and “my blog has the better theme”

7. ‘I have forgotten to tag my post’ Blogger Face – roll of eyes and loud tut

8. ‘I can’t control my hashtag addiction’ Blogger Face – eyes darting nervously about for anyone watching you over your shoulder. Fingers quickly tapping away as you key in your 20th hashtag into your latest post. You can’t help but #hashtag.

9. ‘I am waiting for America to wake up – my blog stats are a little low’ Blogger Face – eyes on clock, look of concentration on face, some counting being done on fingers and toes as you try to work out international time zones whilst saying “I have a strong American following – they will be awake soon and all over my blog”

10. Laid back Blogger Face – laid back expression and giving ‘big thumbs’ to the laptop. Blogging is nothing to get stressed about. You haven’t posted anything for over a week and you are feeling wild / rebellious.

11. ‘Just realised my published post is full of typos’ Blogger Face – gritted teeth, beady eyes and a tense expression as you frantically hit the ‘edit’ button muttering something about what this post says about you being a writer who can’t spell.

12. ‘I have just persuaded someone to be a guest blogger’ Blogger Face – air punches, twinkling eyes, loud sighs as you mail back  “can you write me something in the next 24 hours? I know you have a life outside blogging but I don’t!”

13. ‘I have agreed to be someone’s guest blogger’ Blogger Face – look of fear across face, haunting eyes and nervous twitch. The fear of ruining their blogging stats with your post is sweat inducing.

14. ‘I have just been nominated for a blogging award’ Blogger Face – smiling, a few air punches, twinkling eyes – its such a nice feeling to be nominated by another friendly blogger.

15 ‘I have just realised how much work I have to do as part of the Blogging Award’ Blogger Face – weary roll of eyes, tired expression and shake of head as you read that you have to nominate 20 other bloggers minimum for the award. The person who nominated you set the bar high by nominating a cast of thousands. Loud desperate sigh from you as setting up blog links to other blogs is not what one of your blogging strengths.

16. ‘I thought my post would be really popular but its been like the kiss of death for my blog readers’ Blogger Face – shaking of head, beady eyes and twisted mouth whilst frantically deleting the post in question and muttering “how could I get it so wrong?”

17. ‘I can’t stop tweeting this post, someone take me away from Twitter’ – haunted look on face; big eyes, dark circles around them (you were busy tweeting it throughout the night).

18. ‘I am popular in [enter country of choice] today so no I cannot iron your shirts’ Blogger Face – one hand putting down the iron whilst the other hand flashes stats tool at an uninterested loved one.


Are there anymore blogging faces out there? Please share with me and I will add your ‘blogger face’ into my list and give you an acknowledgement 🙂

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

31 thoughts on “17 Blogger Faces #BloggingGals #blogger

  1. Hi, new friend here. I’d love to try your lasagna.

    I get the “where is everyone today? WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME??” face. Then I remember it’s 4th of July, and everyone in the States is probably BBQing, so I wipe off my tears and hope the stats will finally pick up the next day.

    But hey, no pressure to visit my blog.

  2. A huge LOL this morning and you just about thought of every blogger face. I chose #5 but as far as making a lasagna, I hate cooking so it would have to be take-out. Great post.

  3. Haha this made me laugh! I’ve done the typo face many times. Too many times. I’ve revisited old posts thinking “oh this will be fun, reading all my amazing writing”, and then cringing at the sheer number of typos and grammatical mistakes. Lesson learned: NEVER revisit old posts.

    I made lasagna tonight by the way… So, um, I hope you’ll like it 😉

  4. The “I thought I would get a lot of comments on this blog post” face: begins with an eager smile, gradually growing anxious as you visit the blog post to check up on it, then your face falls and hits the floor in agony and depression as you find only 1 comment. 🙂

  5. The “If I change all that photos will that get me more views?” face. Feverish and hopeful expression. Your post was brilliant – really made me laugh, and re-assured me because I find myself doing faces 1-6 on a regular basis.

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