10 Things a Pantser Writer Might Say #amwriting #writer


The Emotional Highs & Lows of a Pantser-2


1. “I love flying by the seat of my pants in life and now in writing too” – sigh!

2. “Writing this book is like going on a magical mystery tour”

3. “I do hope my characters know where we are going with this novel because I don’t have a clue”

4. “I don’t like you [character] so I am going to either kill you in the next chapter or forget you ever existed from chapter 3 onwards / not mention you again”

5. “I feel pumped when I ‘wing it’ for 90,000 words” (make stuff up as I go along),

6. “I hate being confined by sensible things like plans, book outlines etc.

7. “This book could end in a number of ways, I am leaving it open although my decision on the ending will not be influenced by plot but by my:

a). Hormonal levels

b). Blood sugar levels

c). General state of mind

d.) Feelings towards my writing (changing hourly)

8. “I love the thrill of digging myself out of a crater sized plot hole caused my inability to plan”

9. “Oh look I have gone off on another 20,000 word wild goose chase – sigh!”

10. “I am busy feeling sorry for my future editor”

Happy Writing 🙂

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

30 thoughts on “10 Things a Pantser Writer Might Say #amwriting #writer

  1. I have already scheduled my book for presale on Amazon, and I haven’t finished it yet. Thought I was done at 78 k words but I’m at 81k and I haven’t even got the heroine home yet for the big ceremony. The joys of being a pantser.

  2. Wow, I could have written that. Except for #4. My characters do pretty much as they damn please. One of them even died on me one day. Just like that. The strangest thing. One day I’m plotting his next moves, the next I start writing and to my horror I’m describing his untimely death. Took me a few weeks to dig myself out of that hole!

  3. I am a chronic planner – every section, every scene… But I struggle to sit & write as it seems to just come out uninspired. Maybe I need to practice some pantsing…

  4. “I do hope my characters know where we are going with this novel because I don’t have a clue” – writing short fiction at 4 am – this hit me – they do know! ❤ your blog!

  5. Yes to them all. As a former pure-pantser I have thought/felt all of these. I decided to start doing at least a little bit of plotting and found that I go off on quite a few less 20,000 word wild goose chases. 🙂

  6. #3, #4 and #9 definitely. And I agree with Nicolas, characters often do as they damned well please lol.

    Someday’s I know what’s gonna happen, other days I hope my characters know what they are doing. I have often forgotten about minor characters and if they pop up later on, I realize they disappeared with no explanation for a while and attempt to fix it.

    Those 20,000 word goose chases haha. When you get too into a piece and write it, then realize it has nothing to do with the main plot of your story (if you have one).

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