What Writers Can Learn From Geese #Writers #AmWriting #Honk

There are things writers can learn from geese.

I know it sounds like I have lost my marbles but trust me on this.

As we all know writing can be a lonely business and it is sometimes hard to keep going. This is where we need to turn to geese behaviour:

1. Geese ‘honk’ at each other during long journeys. This constant form of communication keeps all the geese flying towards their common destination.

You and your writing friends are on a journey, like the geese in this photo. You are all heading in the same direction – towards some form of literary success.

Make sure you ‘honk’ regularly at your writing friends, they need your honks so stay in touch with them (tweet, email, message, call, wave or honk).

Honking alone will keep everyone’s spirits up along the way, it will get you some interesting looks from your writer friends and depending on who you honk at it could lead to other things….sigh!

2. Geese help each other. When one becomes ill or injured the other geese fall out of formation to help the goose in question.

When one of your writing friends is feeling down about their writing or is in the middle of a creative breakdown – go offer assistance (send some soothing words by email or tweet –  reassure them that this bad writing phase will pass and tell them that you think they are a great writer – its all we want to hear sometimes).

Seeing your writer friend return to flying in formation (smiling and writing beautiful words) is such a great feeling.

3. When geese fly together, each goose provides additional lift for the goose next to it. Work together. Writing is one of the loneliest hobbies out there. Form writing groups, enter blog battles, make writing friends, connect via blogging or get a writing critique partner. Lots of encouragement and constructive feedback from other writers gives you such an amazing writing lift.

I am currently flying with some amazing American and British geese! Sigh! 

4. Geese look good flying in formation. Its quite a sight to see some geese flying in formation. Lets not get all competitive and fly alone writers! We all need to stick together because we all want to get to the same place. Plus writing can be really naff sometimes and reduce you to tears. It’s also not something you can give up easily either.

By sticking together we will have this writing thing covered!

So let’s all fly together in a V formation across the skies. (I am getting so excited now – in my head I think I can fly – oh no I have eaten too much cheese again).

Lets all be like geese writers!

Happy Honking 🙂

Just hope someone will #honk at me today – sigh!

I am just taking to the sky now readers! Watch out of your windows, here I come!

Thanks to this fab article by Len Wilson on Geese and Teamwork for giving me the inspiration for this blog post

photo credit: Mick Thompson1 <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/62486488@N02/30916154703″>Snow Geese</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a&gt; <a href=”https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/”>(license)</a&gt;

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