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The word this week is DREAM

Here is this week’s Blondewritemore entry.


Ant Dream

“What have you got there Barbara?” shrieked Cheryl the ant, staring in horror at her ant friend dragging something along behind her.

“It’s the book that I have been writing” puffed Barbara the ant, pulling a mass of papers behind her.

“A book?” screeched Cheryl. “You are writing a book?”

Barbara groaned “yes I am writing a book!”

“I didn’t think you  would be the type to write a book Barbara, surely there are better ant things to be doing than writing a silly book” said Cheryl with a sharpness to her voice.

Barbara took a break from her heavy load. Cheryl looked at Barbara and then at all the papers covered in ant scrawl.

Sensing her friend’s need for answers Barbara explained. “I have a dream you see, I want to write a book.” She followed her friend’s gaze towards her work in progress.

Cheryl started to chuckle whilst looking at the pile of papers. “My friend Barbara is writing a book…you have to be kidding me right?”

“Its true” Barbara said solemnly.

For a moment both ants stood and stared at each other. The wind blew and the only sound was from Barbara’s papers fluttering in the breeze.

Cheryl spoke first. “Can I ask what genre your book is?”

“A political ant thriller” replied Barbara with a serious tone to her voice.

“Why on earth are you pulling it along behind you?” asked Cheryl noticing that the large bundle of papers was cleverly attached to Barbara’s back by a spider’s thread.

Barbara sighed and rubbed her antenna. “I have a dream.” She paused to look longingly at her paper load and then said “that’s what you do with dreams Cheryl, you cart them along with you until they become a reality”.

“But your dream looks so heavy and cumbersome” said Cheryl feeling an urge to rub her antenna too.

Barbara nodded wearily before saying “I carry it around so that it’s a constant reminder to me. It gets heavier by the day!”

“When do you get time to write it because we don’t get much time off from the ant colony?” asked Cheryl starting to take an interest in her friend’s dream. “That Queen ant works us silly”.

Barbara shook her head before saying “I write late into the night”

Cheryl rubbed her antenna some more. “I am struggling to understand why you would want to do this to yourself Barbara?”

Barbara paused for a moment before saying “The great foot can stamp on us at any time, I don’t want to spend my final moment regretting not doing anything about my dream.”

“Oh” said Cheryl staring blankly at her friend.

Barbara’s grave looking ant face broke into a huge smile. “Writing something that ants can read and get pleasure from will be so amazing”

Cheryl thought for a moment about what her friend had said. “But there are hundreds of ant authors already in the ant colony. The competition will be pretty tough!”

Barbara nodded. “I am not going to lie, there are some brilliant ant writers out there, much better than me too”

Cheryl shook her ant head disapprovingly, “I still don’t get it Barbara, why put yourself through all this?”

“It’s something I have to do Cheryl, isn’t there anything you really want to do with your ant life?” asked Barbara.

Cheryl shook her head.

The wind made the papers flutter again.

“Did you just wake up one day and fancy writing a book?” asked Cheryl rubbing her antenna.

“There has been a voice in my ant head for ages telling me to write it” mumbled Barbara.

Cheryl stared in horror at her ant friend. “A voice you say? In your head?”

Barbara nodded.

“You know the ant colony has some of the best ant therapists around. I bet you could be seen straight away” said Cheryl.

Barbara laughed “I am not mad Cheryl. I just need to turn my dream into a reality and write my book”.

Cheryl sighed loudly. “Have you got much left to write?” she asked grimmacing at the sight of Barbara heaving her load along.

In between pulls Barbara gasped “20,000 words”

“Oh” said Cheryl. “Is your book any good?”

Barbara shook her head. “I don’t think it’s very good, I just need to keep writing it”

“For goodness sake Barbara this situation is nuts, you are dragging around some huge book dream, you are up late every night, you don’t think what you have written is any good, you have voices in your head, you say there are better writers out there than you and you still have 20,000 words to write!” cried Cheryl shaking her antenna furiously. 

“Its something I have to do” said Barbara picking up the slack.

“Good luck with your writing dream Barbara” said Cheryl looking agitated.

“Thanks Cheryl, that means a lot to me, you can read it once it’s finished” said Barbara stopping to smile at her ant friend.

Cheryl let out a loud sigh “Naaaa political ant thrillers are not my thing. I prefer romantic ant fiction, the steamier the better for me!”.

The End


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31 thoughts on “Ant Dream #blogbattle #flashfiction

  1. The steamier the better. 🙂 haha yes, we do enjoy that ant-wisdom. Follow your ant dream my ant friend. Be crazy, listen to the voices in your head, write down the conversations they have, stay up into the wee hours, do what you have to do! 🙂 Cute story! ❤

      1. I think you did a great job! The ant is a perfect analogical author-type. Stronger than we look, can feel small and insignificant but capable of so much, especially when we band together. 🙂 Love! 🙂

  2. We can relate to this ant dream so well! Sigh, the load is a heavy one to carry, and I like how she continues on with it anyway. A determined and brave ant. I believe her dream will come true one day! Keep writing, BlondeLucy, my writing friend. 🙂

  3. 😀 Loved this, it really made me laugh. An ant writing a book with voices in her head. Brilliant. I hope Barbara keeps on writing and finds success in her ant-world. 🙂

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