Novel writing – 10 Things I learnt from reviewing other manuscripts #writers


1. I need to have my morning coffee and snack before I give my feedback. Lack of coffee and sugar withdrawl makes me a little blunt.

2. Reviewing a draft after an evening glass of wine or two means my feedback will be overflowing with positivity and slightly emotional.

3. I can get quite passionate about another writer’s story and sometimes my feedback will contain too many exclamation marks and caps.

4. I like to review whilst sat at the table, hair in a high bun, suit on, high heels, glasses perched on the end of nose, red pen in hand and looking all ‘editor like’. I have never met an editor in real life so no idea what one looks like but if I was to hazard a guess this is the sort of attire they wear to edit.

5. I struggle for days afterwards with my own writing if the draft is really earth shatteringly good. The ‘they write better than you’ voice takes up residence in my head.

6. There is something magical by seeing a story in its early and raw state, no matter who writes it.

7. I have learnt a lot already from reviewing a few projects. Plot construction and character developments have been two areas of mine that have benefited from reviewing other writer’s work.

8. I have had one or two magic moments where I have suggested a change to a writer’s story and it’s made a real difference. It’s such a nice feeling when this happens.

9. I get quite attached to other writer’s characters during my review process. I want the best for them.

10. Some stories that I read make my internal editor head leap into action and some stories are so darn good that I forget my reviewer role and just enjoy reading them.

I would advise all newbie writer’s to experience reviewing other writer’s work. Such a valuable experience!

Thanks to all those brave writer’s who let me at their work.


Happy critiquing readers!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

29 thoughts on “Novel writing – 10 Things I learnt from reviewing other manuscripts #writers

      1. 🙂 I HOPE it doesn’t disappoint. LOL I’m thinking that even though I don’t mind the slight redundancies, others may be agitated by it even though I’ve taken great pains to make any similarities have a pattern of growth and/or change. I’m really looking forward to having the new sets of eyes on it! 😀 Thank you, IBFF! ♡

  1. If I ever write fiction again, I’d ask you to review my manuscript…I like the idea of having someone wearing high heels reading my manuscript.

  2. Now I understand your process, tho I must say I appreciate, the suit, high bun editor wardrobe bit, and your attachment to characters. It simply means that when you give your opinion it is coming from a place of genuine care. You see the stories, you have invested in the characters, and as you have said, you want the best for them. 🙂 Great share.

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