7 Reasons Why I Like Someone Rummaging Through My Old Blog Posts #blogger #blogging


When Someone Rummages Through Your Old Blog Posts

You start receiving ‘like’ notifications on old posts. A blog reader is busy going through your archives. This is such a magical moment for any blogger. Here are the reasons why I like it when someone is having a rummage in my archive:

1. It gives me a fluttery excited feeling. I get excited for them – the rummaging blog reader (then they leave after liking or commenting on one old post and my excitement evaporates)

2. It makes up for the lack of attention on my more recent posts.

3. It makes me get all Twitter twitchy. I want to start tweeting all my old posts, but then I stop myself as I know I could get carried away.

4. It makes me stop saying ‘everything I wrote back then was rubbish’  – it sends a message to my inner negative blogger voice and they get back in their box.

5. I get a warm glow – it’s always nice getting a ‘like’ on a post!

6. I wonder if the blog reader will return or whether it’s a fleeting visit. Will it be the start of a new blogging friendship?

7. Its like the blog form of tickling, going through someone’s old archives and liking / commenting. Remember bloggers – warm hands please 🙂


Go and have a good rummage through another bloggers catalogue today readers! You never know what gems you might find whilst delving through their old posts and you might even make them smile 🙂

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

67 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why I Like Someone Rummaging Through My Old Blog Posts #blogger #blogging

  1. I always feel self-conscious when I do that because I feel like a stalker, but I’m glad you like it, lol 🙂

  2. We may not be creating timeless prose in the Shakespearean vein but it is a warm fuzzy when something endures and resurfaces after a year or more in dormancy. Thanks for your thoughts on the subject.

  3. See, I’m the opposite. When someone’s rummaging I cringe, thinking, “How bad was that post?” and then immediately read it over and want to edit. If they rummage through my recent stuff, I’m thrilled. Matter of fact, this just happened to me. Someone was “liking” posts that were at least a year old. Yikes!

  4. Reblogged this on Uncertain Tales and commented:
    A quick reblog today for two reasons. Firstly (and mainly) this is actually a pretty good summary of how I feel when someone reads something I write and feels that it’s good enough to check other things out. It’s really thrilling, and every click is a little nod to keep going.

    Secondly… because I’ve had a big week working etc and as such I haven’t posted for a week! I’ve got a few short pieces and a book review in draft, but… I need time!

    Tomorrow some Friday Fictioneers. I promise.

    (And check out some more of Blondewritemore’s stuff too – she’s a funny, personable and prolific blogger:))

  5. I too like it whe you suddenly see ‘like’ after ‘like’ on your older posts. Shows somebody is spending more than a cursory glance over your blog. Makes it all worthwhile.

    Keep smiling 😊

  6. I go back to my old blogs and hide little ummm jewels there. It give those who read the old posts a little something extra for their effort.

  7. I could relate with this a 100%..
    Those few likes and comments on old post, do give the heart a lifting..

    Your thoughts are real dear.
    Thanks for sharing, I love your blog.

  8. Most any blog site is fully accessible to the general public.
    And the “archives” are just for that purpose: for viewing past posts.
    Frankly, when I write something passionately or what I feel is of some significance, I’ll assume that, once published, it’s etched onto a kind of “permanent” space.
    I’d much prefer to NOT have to write something over again once I’ve already “put it out there” so as to be able to move on to other train-of-thoughts. In other words, what’s already been said should not need to be repeated. One’s past posts are an archive of attitudes and thoughts that have entered one’s mind at a given point in time.
    In short: I, myself, would rather the casual reader WOULD also look at my past posts as well as my current ones and NOT be so lazy that they simply “move on to somewhere else” immediately after reading only my “latest entry”.
    Look at the WHOLE picture instead of just part of it.

  9. That is a wonderful feeling. I have been considering doing some rummaging on my own blog and creating a tab in my menu highlighting the posts I liked the most.

      1. 🙂 I think we tend to forget the precious gems we created way back when, when this blogging journey began. I think going back helps to rekindle that fresh light we had when we first started blogging.

  10. I like having a rummage through peoples’ archives. But I find it hard to find the time to keep up with current posts on the blogs I follow, let alone adding extra. It’s frustrating sometimes. Ah well, c;est la vie. 🙂

  11. I like the thrill of discovering a new to me blog where I can linger and like and skip stuff I don’t like without comment. There’s always some pressure to like posts from bloggers I follow regularly but there’s no pressure when it’s a new blog relationship. Oops, don’t be hurt if I don’t like all your posts today. Ha ha I know, I have issues, now I feel like I have to like all your posts too.
    Glad I found you through Wildbilbo.

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