Vote for Blondewritemore –  Annual Bloggers Bash Awards #blogging #writers

Blondewritemore has been nominated for the ‘Funniest Blog Award’ at the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards.

Its down as ‘Blonde Write No More’ – some interesting blog reader feedback there for me to mull over.

Mixed initial reactions from loved ones to the nomination news, one carried on loading the dishwasher, one told me I had food in my teeth, one didn’t look up from her IPad and one went out the cat flap.

Anyway can I ask a little favour of you dearest reader of Blondewritemore?

Do you fancy voting for ‘Blonde Write No More’? If you do please click here

I am so glad I have been nominated because I have no clue about what to do for a blog post today – sigh!

To be honest I think you all should be thankful this award nomination has distracted me as you could have had some random post on:

– My hormonal peaks and troughs in a calendar month

– My family holiday plans for August (very dull)

– My birthday gift list (September)

Thanks in advance of your voting finger ability🙂 Happy Saturday!





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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

46 thoughts on “Vote for Blondewritemore –  Annual Bloggers Bash Awards #blogging #writers

  1. I saw that it was written that way and I thought, who on earth did that? Is that a joke ’cause honey, it’s not funny. It should read: “BLONDE MUST WRITE MORE” 🙂 VOTES IN!

      1. I’m in debate mode. I’ve got a good/deeper outline/scene overview thingy written up now so I know exactly where I want to go with each section, but I can’t decide if I should start now or get some sleep and do it tomorrow. I hate putting it off any more. Feel like stuff just keeps getting in the way and worried I’m just making excuses now. Rambling is never a good sign, though. Nope.

  2. I already nominated you. 🙂 Poor Sasha had to input all those names. It’s no wonder something got screwed up. If you shoot her a message I’m sure she’ll fix the name. Hope you win!

      1. Aww, thank you. I just placed my official vote. When I commented I didn’t realize these were the “official” votes. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you. Are you going to the event?

  3. I voted for you too. 😊. For what it’s worth, when I first encountered your blog, I read it as ‘BlondeS Write More’… Which, of course, made me feel right at home!

  4. Vote cast, and congratulations on being nominated. Quite an accolade. 🙂 And snap on the September birthday. 🙂

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