6 Reasons Why Writing is a Group Activity #writers #guestblogger


Here at Blondewritemore we are always thrilled when new blogging friends kindly volunteer to do a guest post.

Meet Fabian, author of the blog ‘The Everyday Writing Project’. I really like Fabian’s writing and he shares a similar sense of humour to me. I am so pleased that he has offered to do a guest post (there was no pestering on my part…..honest!)

Let me hand you over to Fabian….

Okay, so you are a writer. You’ve declared yourself as such. I believe you. You swear too much, drink in excess – coffee, alcohol, coffee, etc. – and spend a lot of time locked in your room smashing keys on the old Smith Corona Speedline. If someone interrupts your flow, you curse in German and throw a Merriam Webster dictionary at them. I get it, you’re a writer and you need to be alone to pull from the primordial soup. Right?


Wrong.  Writing is not a solitary task. Its a group activity. The actual writing, yeah you do that part alone. Unless you have a ghostwriter or a co-writer, then who are you?


Don’t believe me?


Here are six ways writing is a group activity and must be treated as such.


  1. Even if you believe yourself a mere vessel for the words to travel through some ethereal plane of existence, nothing exists in a void. Seriously, you’re writing with the weight of history on your shoulders. You write with your ancestors’ dreams and failures. Past loves and broken hopes. Life experience is not a bystander to your writing, it is the nervous system pulsating beneath the words.

  2. Much like entrepreneurs with big dreams needs a businessperson to reel them in on occasion, writer’s need a trusted confidante to tell them when shit gets too weird or doesn’t work. For me that’s my partner. For you it could be your mom. Or that friend from high school that always calls you back. She’s nice.

  3. Same goes for editing. Spell check is your friend, sure, butt but spelled butt when you meant but or maybe butte doesn’t always stand out as incorrect. Every writer needs an editor. How do you find one? See number 2 or search the web for freelance editors.

  4. Here we get a little heavy. Those characters you’re writing – they’re real. I mean they’re fictitious, but you have to believe they are real. They’re depending on you. You know how you get so caught up in writing you’re not even sure where it is all coming from? That’s your characters helping you out. They have their own histories and experience to draw from. Listen to them.

  5. Sharing your work with other writers helps you grow as a writer. Yes, you’re already the best writer that ever lived. I believe you. But even Hemingway had Fitzgerald. Kerouac chilled with Burroughs for a bit. Burroughs hung with everyone. So share online. Share in person. Make friends. Share secrets and exchange stories. Life is far too short to spend it locked away in a room.

  6. Finally, are you writing just for yourself? As in, just for your sole enjoyment? You write something, smile to yourself, and then chuck it in the fireplace? Good for you I guess. I personally write to create a legacy for myself. In the meantime, I’m living my legacy every day. But I digress – You’re writing for an audience. The hope is that someone will read your work and actually enjoy it. To do that, you have to find your peeps. This is actually really easy. They’re the people reading the same things you are. Following the same blogs. Watching the same shows. That’s your community. That’s your audience.

Thanks so much Fabian – that was a great post! Please drop by Fabian’s blog and he is now on Twitter too @Everyday_Writin


Please drop by the Blondewritemore offices again sometime Fabian:-)

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12 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Writing is a Group Activity #writers #guestblogger

  1. Brilliant post. The writing community has been a revelation to me in the pat year. Blogging opened the door that I didn’t realise existed. I thought writing really was a solitary activity. Glad it’s not. :).

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