30 Blogging & Writing Acronyms #writers #bloggers




I am currently loving the language of acronyms. If honest I don’t know which I like more – the language of hashtags or the language of acronyms. I can converse freely in both.

In celebration of my passion for acronyms I have pulled together a list of a few known ones and quite a lot of Blondewritemore specials:

1. LOL – Laugh Out Loud – at amusing post or comment

2. MIA – Missing In Action – no posts on blog for a while

3. SWF – Supportive Writer Friend – fellow writer who you have a lot of time for

4. SNWF – Supportive Non Writer Friend – a friend who doesn’t write but is supportive of your writing

5. BFF – Blogging Friend Forever – special blogging friend

6. ICQW – I Can’t Quit Writing

7. SLO – Supportive Loved One – husband / wife / girlfriend / boyfriend / relative / sibling who is supportive of writing / blogging

8. WTFMB – Want To Finish My Book

9. INWA – Intense and Neurotic Writer Alert – Sometimes its good to let other writers know your mental state

10. CBB – Chronic Blogger’s Block

11. HCFC – Hot Crush on Fictional Character

12. DSSP – Doing Some Serious Procrastinating

13. ICST – I Can’t Stop Tweeting – tweeting a post to death

14. WBDA – Writer Being Deep Alert – for those writers who feel like saying something deep / meaningful

15. MFDS – My First Draft Stinks – self explanatory

16. BSA0F – Blog Stats Are On Fire – your blog is hot!

17. ELC – Editing Like Crazy – For those crazy editing marathons

18. EFM – Electric Fan Moment – when a romantic scene brings on a hot flush and you need to cool down

19. MRLI – My Reviewer Loved It – self explanatory golden writing moment

20. AIMOCD – Author In Mourning Over Character Death – self explanatory

21. IJGP – I Just Got a Publisher – Golden writer moment

22. BOA – Big On Amazon – your book is in soaring in the book charts

23. IJSP – I Just Self Published – Golden writer moment

24. PAP – Pantser And Proud

25. HGAS – Have Gone All Shakespearian – self explanatory

26. PYBOCW – Put Your Butt On Chair Writer – self explanatory

27. JWTIW –  Just Wasting Time Instead of Writing (thx Tracey)

28. JWI – Just Write it (thx Kathleen)

29. HF – Huge Fan (thx Kimberly)

30. MLBB – My Lip Bu Better (thx to Yazzi from the Beauty Blogging world) – refers to different shades of lipstick


If anyone can think of anymore let me know and I will add them to my list and acknowledge you.

Happy Friday Writers 🙂

photo credit: <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/70642595@N05/11003564836″>Coffee Time</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a&gt; <a href=”https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/”>(license)</a&gt;

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23 thoughts on “30 Blogging & Writing Acronyms #writers #bloggers

  1. Loved this. As usual, you have created something brilliant! 11 is hilarious, I am really happy to have found me some awesome BFF, and an SWF who has encouraged me to keep creating those EFM’s. I am looking forward to 19 and 21-23 😉

  2. Since I’ve started beauty blogging, I’ve have to get used to some more acronyms. There’s not a ton, but one I see often is MLBB. When I first saw it, I was like: whaaat? haha! It’s My Lips Bu Better which refers to shades of lipstick. I was so confused at first!

  3. Thanks for sharing these. My favorite is PAP. Here’s one I like to use, JWI (Just Write It). I often have people tell me they want to write a book, but can’t find the motivation. This is my reply.

      1. Yes, you can.

        Apparently my feed is on some kind of weird delay. I DO read your posts, but nine times out of ten, via Twitter. Traffic is traffic my dear.

      2. People are lucky I am able to read anything these days. A friend recently told me she deleted her blog, and I was shocked. It did explain the lack of updates, but still… I have no idea when I became so daft!

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