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These short story contests are organised by the one and only Rachael Ritchey, author of the ‘Beauty Thief’. If you think you are tough enough to compete come and join us!

The word this week is Prophet

Here is the Blondewritemore entry:



“Alright Gary!” said Keith before plonking himself down on the plastic chair next to Gary’s hospital bed.

Gary managed a weak smile at his friend. “Hello Keith mate, thanks for visiting me”.

Keith nodded towards his friend’s broken leg. “Football injury is it?”

Gary groaned in pain whilst attempting to shift himself into a better sitting position. “Not football” he said.

Keith looked at his friend before asking “rugby injury then?”

Gary sadly shook his head. “Not a rugby injury. I should have listened to Prophet”.

“Listened to who?” asked Keith thinking he had misheard his friend.

Gary sighed loudly. “I have got myself a pet rat called Prophet. I should have listened to him”.

“I don’t believe I am hearing this, you are talking to a pet rat called Prophet” said Keith, looking at his injured friend and wondering whether he had an untreated head injury.

In between coughing and groaning Gary said “Prophet is a special  kind of pet. Bob, in the pet shop, sold me him and told me this rat predicts the future”.

“Nurse!” shouted Keith at a passing nurse. “I think my friend has hurt his head”.

Gary took a deep breath and began to explain. “I have not hurt my head. Prophet is a good name for my rat. He gives me cryptic messages which are predictions about the future. Prophet was trying to tell me something. If only I had taken notice of what he was trying to tell me, I wouldn’t be now lying in hospital with my leg in pieces”.

Keith looked puzzled. “I am surprised you didn’t pick up on these messages, you are a switched on sort of chap”.

Gary nodded “I know. It all started when I met this woman online. Her name’s Tracey. One night we got emailing each other, she sounded alright.”

Keith grinned.

“Well, Prophet the rat leapt onto my keyboard whilst carrying a bag of nuts which he’d pinched from the kitchen. He kept squeaking at me” said Gary.

Keith looked puzzled. “I don’t get it, was he telling you he was hungry?”

Gary shook his head. “Bob from the pet shop told me this rat likes to steal stuff from around the house so I just ignored him”

“What was Tracey like?” asked Keith giving his friend a wink. “Was she nice looking?”

“Blonde, a bit hyper and into disco dancing in a big way” replied Gary groaning again, whilst looking glumly at his plaster cast leg.

“She sounds ok to me” said Keith moving his chair closely to his friend’s bed.

“I came home from the date and Tracey had emailed to suggest that we arrange another date” said Gary. “Prophet the rat jumps up onto my keyboard carrying a bag of screws he’d nicked from my toolbox and starts squeaking at me”.

Keith shook his head. “What was that all about?”

Gary leant into Keith to say “I put it down to him pinching stuff. Little did I know that rat is such a deep thinker!”

Keith gasped and nodded for him to carry on.

“Tracey invited me to go disco dancing with her” said Gary, looking around to make sure no one was listening.

Keith’s mouth dropped open in shock at the prospect of his friend dancing. 

Gary continued. “It was a very scary experience. I was really nervous beforehand about going dancing but luckily Prophet was on hand to cheer me up with some of his funny tricks. Did I tell you he does tricks as well?”

“Wow a pet rat who predicts the future and does tricks” gasped Keith.

Gary laughed. “He was lying on his back on a roll of white bandage from my first aid box, squeaking loudly with his little leg raised. I was crying with laughter at him”

“That’s funny” chuckled Keith. “A rat with a sense of humour”.

Gary leant over to Keith “I felt a lot better about the date and I couldn’t thank Prophet enough for making me smile again. Anyway I get to the nightclub and I am not joking you Tracey danced like a lunatic. When she told me she liked to dance I never expected that! One of her dance moves involved lassoing me with her handbag”

“Oh no” said Keith looking concerned.

“She made me climb onto a podium in this night club” said Gary making a high tower shape with his hands.

“Noooooo!” gasped Keith.

Gary leant in. “She forced me to do this special dance with her on this podium” he said giving Keith a haunted look. 

“Oh mate I am so sorry” said Keith giving his friend a reassuring pat on the shoulder. “What happened next?”

“During the chorus of the song she got a bit carried away and did a very high leg kick. It knocked me off the podium and I broke my leg” sniffed Gary miserably.

Keith stared in amazement at Gary before saying. “Wow your rat Prophet is amazing!”

Gary sighed loudly “I know! He got it bang on! The relationship was never going to work as Tracey is nuts and clearly has a screw loose!”


The End


photo credit: <a href=”″>Nibbler on the Edge</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a



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25 thoughts on “Prophet The Rat #blogbattle #shortstory

  1. Lol loved it. Your characters come to life the way you write them, and straight from the beginning of the tale which is always a plus. Great job!

  2. Another entertaining tale. I loved this, the rat dropping hints is genius – especially the nuts. I laughed out loud! I want myself a prophet, he’d save me a lot of trouble 😉

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