How Do You Celebrate Writing Something Amazing? #writers #amwriting

How do You Celebrate Writing Something Amazing?-2

Picture this – you have just written something truly amazing. Sigh!

Whilst sitting back in your writing chair and reading it again for the 40th time you can’t quite believe what you have produced. It sounds like a literary work of art.

It’s finally happening – you are writing pure gold! Those peeps at the Booker prize need to check you out!

You feel writing euphoria gradually building inside you. Your heart beats faster and every limb starts to tremble. This is a special moment for any writer and it needs to be savoured – so how do you physically celebrate the fact that you have written something so good?

Check out these 9 types of writer celebration:

1.  The Air  Punch –  writer remains at the laptop / pad and punches the air a couple of times in celebration, maybe adding in a few ‘whoop whoop’s for good measure.

2. The Wink & Nod – writer remains at the laptop and gives the screen a big wink and a nod. Maybe saying “that’s genius!”.

3. The Celebration Dance – writer jumps out of their chair and starts to bust some creative dance moves in celebration! Yea baby your words are as hot as your dance moves!

4. The High Five – writer looks around for some poor loved one to high five. Due to the writer being so pumped about their writing they high five with force! Yea!

5. The Star Jump – writer springs into the air whilst opening arms and legs wide to make an impressive star body shape. Maybe shouting “I am going to be a literary star!” The star jump method is favoured by a certain blonde writer.

6. The Forward Roll – this physical move is used when a writer gets really carried away by the ‘I have written something amazing’ moment. The writers leaps off their chair to perform a forward roll on the carpet. Loved ones can only stand and stare as the writer crouches down, tucks in their head and sends their body over whilst shouting “yippppeee“. Another move favoured by a certain blonde writer.

7. The Robot – writer gets off their chair and performs some sort of robotics celebration manoeuvre. Loved ones will probably ask the writer if there is anything wrong / fail to see the robot impression, but the writer just ignores them.

8. The Moon Walk – the writer leaps off their chair and starts moving backwards in a ‘Michael Jackson’ styley!

9. The Cart Wheel – the writer jumps off their chair, charges through the house, picking up speed, hurtles into garden and throws themselves into a cartwheel. Again loved ones will stand and stare, possibly rolling eyes to an interested neighbour and sighing “she’s a writer”

You have written something truly amazing! This sort of thing doesn’t happen everyday so let’s see you celebrating in style!

I want to see some forward rolls and star jumps going on around the world following this post- sigh!

Happy Writing Writers!

Make the most of your physical celebration because it’s likely your reviewers / editor won’t share your enthusiasm!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

43 thoughts on “How Do You Celebrate Writing Something Amazing? #writers #amwriting

  1. And the Snoopy Dance! 🙂 Actually, a couple of times I’ve had ‘woohoos’ from my publishers. When one of my Random House books shot to the top 5 of the NZ non-fiction best-seller list a few years back (almost but not quite dislodging the entrenched cookbooks) there was a good deal of celebration & a short while afterwards a bottle of Brut arrived on my doorstep by courier.

  2. ahaha! I love the wink and the nod and then the forward role! I need to up my enthusiasm towards my writing. Holding it in, as I must be doing, cannot be good on my insides. 🙂

  3. For me, I would always have a wide grin and bob my head for that accomplishment. I think I looked weird doing that especially while I am at work. 😀

    1. Am loving a ‘long deep sigh’ – I like to sigh a lot but don’t really use the sigh to its full potential. Will be doing lots of ‘long deep sighs’ from now on

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