10 Blonde Writer Highlights From the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards #bloggersbash #bloggers

The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards Event took place yesterday in London.

A Blonde Writer’s blog was lucky enough to be nominated for ‘Funniest Blog’ (thx to Sue Coletta for the nomination) so the Blonde Writer nipped along, here are her highlights:

1. London Underground didn’t help a Blonde Writer by shutting down some key tube routes due to engineering repairs. This caused her to scratch her head a lot, stare aimlessly at tube maps and to ask a London Underground guard the same question eight times “does this tube go to Kings Cross?” He started to lose his patience with her after the 4th question. 

2. On the tube a Blonde Writer gasped in horror at her ‘newly washed’ black jeans which were covered in pink lipstick. She had applied pink lipstick earlier in Reading station toilets but had got a little bit over excited. Whilst coating her lips she had managed to somehow plaster her jeans in the stuff as well. What would other bloggers make of her ‘grubby’ appearance?

3. As soon as she arrived a Blonde Writer was able to play a new fun game called ‘spot the Blondewritemore guest blogger’ A.K.A Julie Lawford – Julie looked thrilled when a Blonde Writer shouted “I know you [finger point] – you were my guest blogger!”

4. There was a strong contingent from Blog Battlers at the event which I know Rachael Ritchey will be pleased about. A Blonde Writer discovered to her surprise that two Blog Battlers, who she had pencilled in as part of her strong American following, were not actually American at all, Melissa is from Yorkshire and Marje is from Cambridge. Sigh! Mental note – must not assume everyone in blogging land is American.

5. Over lunch a Blonde Writer had a crash course in ‘youth speak’ from Suzie Speak. A Blonde Writer learnt how to say ‘Sic’ just like the youth of today and to say it with supporting hand gestures too. As the Blonde Writer prides herself on being down with the kids  this sort of intel  is vital.

6. A Blonde Writer only managed to tip one piece of pesto chicken down her. Seeing as her jeans were covered in lipstick she decided to ignore and carry on shovelling food down her neck.

7. A Blonde Writer made some new blogging friends, amongst others Esther Newton and Helen Jones – always nice to make new creative friends! 

8. A Blonde Writer pestered Suzie Speak about blogging tips whilst she waited for her category to be read out. When a Blonde Writer gets into pestering mode  its hard to stop her – sigh! Poor Suzie! 

9. A Blonde Writer’s jaw dropped when it was revealed her blog came first in the ‘Funniest Blog’ category. There was some tough competition in this category and the Blonde Writer had endured a couple of sleepless nights once voting closed.

A Blonde Writer was over the moon with her winning t-shirt and there is a photo below of this special moment. 

Its hard to say how the t-shirt will fair in her clothes washing cycle, at this stage she is hoping to keep it white – up until the first wash. 

Blonde virtual hugs to all who voted for this blog!

10. A Blonde Writer unfortunately left without paying for her meal. Gasp! She nipped along to the station after and then once through the turnstiles realised she hadn’t coughed  up for her food. The excitement of winning something went to her blonde head. Honest! She was not planning to do a runner! 

Cue emergency phone call to event organiser Sacha Black and a bit of grovelling. The Blonde Writer nipped back to settle her debts and smiled sweetly at her new blogging friends. 

A Blonde Writer now thinks her card has been marked for next year’s event. A memo has probably been sent to all committee members about keeping an eye on the Blonde Writer and her food payments in future. Sigh!

Great day! 


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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

77 thoughts on “10 Blonde Writer Highlights From the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards #bloggersbash #bloggers

  1. Ah it was you who left without paying! Rascal! Great day out lovely to meet you and well done on winning the humourous award your blog certainly keeps me entertained. I’m glad we’ve cleared up the American confusion, never been to the USA so that amused me. Hope to meet up again at the next bloggers event.

      1. OMG I can hear you saying it in my head. You are so good at ‘youth speak’. Let me know when you are running classes on ‘how to be down with the kids of today’

  2. It was great to meet you there, Natural Blonde Writer! And you’re right, I was delighted you recognised me. I walked slowly towards the group, hoping I’d see someone I would recognise, and you got there first, took all that introvert angst away. 😀 Great to chat with you and I was just sorry I missed saying goodbye before you left (either the first time, or the second!). Oh, and I don’t know about the pesto chicken, but rather than ‘grubby’ I’d call the pink lippy jeans ‘distressed’ or ‘grunge’… That’s what you get for knocking about with a paper-crafter. Totally well done for winning the Funniest Blog award – much deserved, and you had my vote too. 👍

  3. I thought the prize was a free meal!
    I’m sorry I didn’t get much of a chance to chat with you yesterday (the perils of a long table) but it was great to meet you and I look forward to reading about more of your adventures.
    P.S I didn’t notice the lips, but then again I am a man.

  4. Esther’s Review: #don’tgiveupthedayjob #thebottomofthenevergoingtomakeitpile #Omgshewarnedmebutididnthinkitcouldbethatbad

    Seriously – you CAN write! You’re really, really good, Lucy! #believeit 🙂

      1. Definitely. Let me know if I can help in any way and do feel to ask me any questions. I love your writing and your humour is brilliant. You have talent 🙂

  5. Reblogged this on Writing Rachael Ritchey and commented:
    This is a must REBLOG as BlondeWriteMore (AKA LUCY!) is my super special friend. It’s because of her that we’ve really gotten a start with Blog Battling. She’s not just funny, either. She’s smart, a little sassy, diligent, and kind. You can’t go wrong with getting to know this lady! Watch out, ’cause when she’s published her first book, you’ll want to be in line for a signature on your copy. Some day I’ll hop on over and meet her in person. *SIGH* Makes me with I could have gone and met all these bloggers at the bash!

  6. Ah! I’m finally home and sitting in front of a real computer. 🙂 I’m so happy for you, IBFF, I could just burst! Keep up the good work. You are amazing and I feel so privileged to know you. 🙂 (now, if only I could make it happen in person. Then again . . . you may find out with all certainty that I’m rather dull and run the other way) 🙂 CONGRATS!!!!

  7. Congratulations on the win. There aren’t many people who can make me laugh, but you manage it on a fairly regularly basis. 😀 You definitely deserve this award.

  8. Great to meet you Lucy, and no worries about the pink lipstick on the jeans. It’s just getting it on my face that is the problem for me. 🙂

    Congratulations on winning the award. Wear the T-shirt with pride. See you at next year’s event?

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