10 Things I said to loved ones after changing the title on my draft novel #amwriting #writer


A week or so ago I changed the title on my draft novel.

Here are some things that I said to my loved ones after making this significant change:


1. Now that I have changed the title I actually want to write it instead of trawling through Facebook looking at people’s meal photos.

2. I can’t believe its been the title of the book which has been preventing me from sitting down and finishing it. (Sigh)

3. Good titles sell books. (Cue knowing nod)

4. I could forge a career out of thinking up good book titles. (Cue faraway look out of window)

5. A title change is as good as a rest in the literary world.

6.  I am not the kind of writer who gets distracted by little things.

7.  My characters like the new title, one of them has even stopped banging and crying from her attic room prison.

8.  Think I might go through my old writing folder and change all my WIP titles. That sounds like a constructive use of my time over the next couple of hours doesn’t it?

9. I prefer coming up with new titles to actually writing my book.

10. Agents and publishers will be swarming all over me now with this new title. Sigh! 


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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

32 thoughts on “10 Things I said to loved ones after changing the title on my draft novel #amwriting #writer

      1. I think you took me a little too literally.

        I’m pretty aware of British English since I often have to edit work for Canadian, Australian, or UK clients, and yet, I have never heard that term before unless one was referring to their car. C’est la vie.

      2. It’s so old and commonly used that I wouldn’t expect an Internet user not to know what it means. I don’t normally use it in response to comments, so you probably haven’t seen me use it before.

  1. My novel went under the header ‘Singles Holiday Novel’, shortened to ‘SHN’ for 3 1/2 years. What with settling on the final title and changing the names of two characters, it went through a weirdly unsettling period in its last few months, before my writerly psyche was prepared to reclaim it.

  2. Well Lucy, I’m just going to have to give you a daily review and hashtag:

    Esther’s review: #direneedIsaymore

    It made me smile lots and nod. Think we all feel a little like this about titles 🙂

  3. Oo-oo, what’s the new title? *eager face* Or will you change it again?
    Well BlondeLucy, I think we have more things in common. I have been driving myself crazy thinking of titles and changing them, haha. 🙂

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