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Dating Doll Talk

Four dolls waited patiently for the party in the dolls house to start.

“Are you hoping to bump into Ken the Action Man doll at the party tonight Violet?  Pam asked the doll next to her.

“I hope so” gushed Violet, running her hand through her black hair, “he looks so hot in all his soldier gear”.

“Ken’s such a hunk” sighed Stephanie, who was sat at the end of the row next to Violet.

“How do you know if a guy doll wants to be with you and no one else?” asked Violet looking at her friends for answers.

“Its in their eyes” gushed Stephanie with a dreamy look on her face. “Look into their eyes and you will see how much they want to be with you”

All the dolls sat quietly for a moment to think about what Stephanie had said.

Sylvia, the red haired doll at the opposite end, spoke first. “I don’t think you should trust Ken’s eyes Violet”

Pam gasped in shock at Sylvia’s comment. “What do you mean by that?”

“Just a feeling I have about Ken” said Sylvia looking at Pam.

“Oh no!” wailed Violet to Stephanie. “She knows something about Ken that I don’t?”

“My goodness Sylvia, you have really put a cat amongst the pigeons with that comment!” screeched Pam shaking her head.

Violet looked forlorn whilst Stephanie gave her hand a reassuring squeeze .

Pam whirled round to face Sylvia. “Look what you have done to poor Violet! You are just jealous because things didn’t work out between you and Jack-in-the Box” she snapped.

Sylvia stared in horror at her friend Pam.

“I am not jealous!” screeched Sylvia. “And there is no need to bring my relationship with Jack into this Pam.”

Sylvia paused whilst everyone turned to look at her. With a glum face she continued  “I admit Jack did have a thing for popping up out of his box when other girl dolls walked by, which made me insecure, plus he was always in his box when I needed him, but I am over all that now”

“Doesn’t sound like it from where we are sitting” piped up Stephanie.

Sylvia glared at Stephanie who went back to comforting Violet.

“Come on Violet, don’t listen to Sylvia, I am sure Ken only has eyes for you” reassured Stephanie giving her doll friend a gentle pat on the arm.

An awkward silence descended upon the dolls.

“I do hope that the new One Direction doll will be at the party tonight” gushed Stephanie, making all the dolls stare at her. “His eyes tell me so much, all I can see is the word commitment when I gaze into them.”

Sylvia looked away whilst muttering under breath something about boy band dolls and serious relationships.

“Sylvia are you going to tell Violet why she shouldn’t trust Ken’s eyes?” demanded Stephanie, folding her arms tightly.

“Its nothing, I shouldn’t have said anything” said Sylvia raising her arms in defence.

“Ignore her ladies!” said Pam. “She still has issues with Jack-in-the-box.”

Everyone looked at Sylvia, who stared into space.

“Ken the Action Man Doll has eyes that move. That’s so cool for a guy doll!” exclaimed Stephanie.

Sylvia looked up at her friends. “His eyes are always roaming, doesn’t that say anything about his attitude to relationships?”


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23 thoughts on “Dating Doll Talk #BlogBattle #shortstory

    1. Soooooooo nice to see you on my blog, missed my Sarah Potter updates whilst you were off enjoying yourself! I wasn’t going to write about dolls but was surfing photopin and discovered them. I couldn’t resist writing about them. Happy Tuesday 🙂

      1. Soooooooo nice to be back, too, although don’t think I’ll ever catch up with everybody’s posts for the whole of July. May have to abandon the idea and just catch up with their posts for the first few days of August. I mustn’t fall behind with the next stage of preparing my novel for publication. Lots of technical stuff to learn. It’s giving me a headache. Also, the promised blog post for Blondewritemore is embarrassingly overdue. Happy Tuesday to you, too 🙂

  1. And now I’m wondering what my dolls used to get up to behind my back! There could have been all sorts of tangled relationships happening. I wonder if they liked the ways I paired them together, or argued about it when my back was turned.

    Either way, nice story. Funny as usual. 🙂 I would watch the One Direction doll, those boy band boys… never to be trusted. 😀

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