The Writer’s Nap #Writer #AmWriting


The Writer's Nap

The Writer’s Nap is one of the many perks of being a writer. It deserves a blog post!

Here are the 5 stages of the Writer’s Nap:

1. Awareness – this stage is all about becoming aware of your need for a Writer’s Nap. It can arise from four situations:

  • Post writing – you have been at it (writing) for hours / half an hour / a good ten minutes and you start to feel sleepy. Cue thoughts about having a little nap.
  • Pre writing – you have the urge to write but the thought of actually writing makes you feel sleepy. Sometimes you have to nap first in order to write. Cue thoughts about having a little bit of shut-eye.
  • Writing frustration – after sitting for some time at the desk you realise that writing is not your friend today. You have run into some issue – plot hole / lifeless character / unrealistic plot and rather than facing up to it you think about a Writer’s Nap. Cue thoughts of getting your head down for forty winks.
  • Post Editing – You are like a zombie after hours of editing, As you stagger out of writing land all you can think about is having a little sleep.

2. Commitment – this stage is when you commit to having a Writer’s Nap. In your head it needs to happen and there is no turning back for you. Cue the creep upstairs to your bed or curl up on the sofa. Some of you crazy writers, like me, might even lay your head on the desk.

3. Napping – this stage is the nap itself. A luxurious and silky warm feeling envelops your body as you drift off. It’s such a fun and colourful place – writer’s dream world. All your characters rush to greet you and you all wander off happily to have some adventures.

The napping stage may bring on some dribbling out of one corner of the mouth, gentle snoring or even a little murmur.

4. Denial – this is the stage where you have been rudely woken up by loved ones who are standing over your bed / sofa / chair asking you why you are sleeping in the afternoon?

Cue the denial – you were not sleeping, you were just closing your eyes and imagining a scene in more detail….

5. A New Dawn – this stage is where you return to the writing desk and start writing. You feel energised and refreshed post your Writer’s Nap. All writing issues don’t seem as bad and your head is buzzing again with creative ideas. Cue your request to a loved one “put the kettle on love I could do with a [enter hot beverage of choice]”

Happy writing folks!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

42 thoughts on “The Writer’s Nap #Writer #AmWriting

      1. Hahaha my sister who is now your fan told me that she is convinced that you and I are related after having read a few more of your post to her. Sisters are great 😉

  1. It works for the 50 something white male too! At work we christened it ‘a power nap’ when those heavy lids won over another deadline. Now I have a permanent forehead dent in the shape of the return key and a sticky T from the aforementioned dribble. Happy kipping, L.

  2. If I nap at all during the day, I suffer from insomnia at night. If writing is sending me to sleep, then I go out of doors for a walk or to do some gardening. No point in persevering with the writing when I’m sleepy or the result will be crud and require double the editing later. I suppose it’s a bit different for you, as you have a day job and going out for walks or gardening after dark aren’t so feasible. Maybe do a workout in the front room, sing at the top of your voice, or slide down the bannisters — something active that will recharge your batteries.

  3. Like Geoffle, I’ve come to know and love this interlude as a Power Nap. Though the 10 minutes which is supposed to define its status as such, rarely seems sufficient these days! Great post. 😀

  4. There might be a stage where you give up, lay on the couch and THEN all the insights to write come to you and after having committed, you’re forced to forgo the nap in order to write.

  5. I have it when I have writer’s frustration at work and I can’t have my nap. Oh well, I am just going to stare at my laptop now.

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