The Doll #horror #flashfiction


The Doll

The Doll speaks to me. “We are different” she says.

I nod in agreement.

“They don’t like us because we are different” says The Doll.

I shake my head.

She stares at me with her inquisitive green eyes. I can feel them burrowing deep into my mind.

“Are we friends?” asks The Doll.

I sit for a moment and consider her question.

When The Doll first arrived I sat underneath my desk and watched her green eyes glow in the dark. I panicked at what I saw in them. So I crawled out and locked her away in the toy box.

People used to whisper about the things they claimed to see in my eyes. My father panicked at what he saw and locked me away in the attic.

The Doll used to sit with the other dolls at the pretend toy tea party. She tried to join in. It didn’t work out as the other dolls didn’t understand her.

I tried to join in with life inside the house. It didn’t work out as no one understood me.

The Doll lives alone on the top floor of the dolls house. She has an entire floor to herself with a dolls bed, a wardrobe and a dressing table. Even though she has lots of space The Doll chooses to live underneath the dressing table.

I live alone in the attic. Even though I have a bed, a desk, a toy box and enough space to run around I choose to live underneath my desk in the darkness.

The Doll first spoke to me after I asked her why she was crying. She said she felt different to everyone else and alone in the world. I told her I felt the same.

Once I awoke to discover that The Doll had attacked the other dolls at the pretend tea party. The other dolls lay awkwardly in a heap with messy hair and haunted eyes.

Once The Doll awoke to screams, shouting and people running away from me. They all had messy hair and haunted eyes.

I offered support to The Doll when the other dolls decided to move out of the dolls house. They called The Doll ‘a monster‘ and said she should live on her own.

The Doll was there to comfort me when big metal bolts were fixed to my attic door to stop me escaping. People shouted through the door that I would never be allowed out of my room as I am ‘a monster‘.

The Doll’s eyes start to glow. I am no longer scared of what I can see.

“We are the best of friends” I say. The Doll nods in agreement.


The End


Happy Thursday all!

You can all blame Photopin for this story. This photo made me feel uncomfortable from the moment I saw it. I just knew I had to write something unsettling. The look of that green eyed doll makes me feel a bit strange and no one mention the little blonde haired doll with the blood shot eyes!

The story is based on one of the characters from the book that I am writing called ‘The Hidden’. I tried to imagine what she (Carrie) would be like as a child in view of her upbringing.

Normal light hearted stuff will now resume on Blondewritemore.


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50 thoughts on “The Doll #horror #flashfiction

  1. Well, I shall now have to crawl under my desk and sit a while. Well, I would, except there’s creepy spiders down there. I hate to even think about my feet down below. I’m excited this has a taste of The Hidden in it. 🙂 It’s fun to glimpse your stuff, and I’m liking the out of the ordinary light-hearted bit for a temporary change. 😉

    1. Thx IBFF! Now that the second draft is finished I feel like I can put it away again. Just going to crawl underneath my desk now to celebrate finishing the second draft! Lol

  2. The bloodshot eyes, those are haunting. Some dolls really are unsettling one wonders how kids not help but get nightmares.
    I found an old rag-doll in an old box in cupboard full of memories, and noooo it was not my doll (just clearinng the air) it has creepy stitches in the shape of the letter X where the eyes should be.

  3. I loved it! Nice and creepy! Great story. 😀 I’d love to feature your writing on my blog for Book Tuesday. Please message me if you’d be interested in sending in a feature. 😀

    1. Wow – to get ‘this was well written’ from you is an achievement for me. Am going to have to go have a sweet cup of tea to calm down.
      Yes a bit of a rest. Wondering when you will start chasing again?

      1. Really? I must be off my game.

        I’d look around for a better one, just in case that one isn’t stellar. There are many that are more like cheesecake brownies.

  4. Great stuff. Creepy doll, creepy little girl (albeit with a sad tale of imprisonment). I particularly liked how you echoed the dolls isolation with the girls, makes me wonder if its a real supernaturally powered doll, or simply the girl finding an outlet for connection with someone ‘similar’.

    Well done.

  5. Ohhh, I like this sneak peek of Carrie and The Hidden! Congrats on finishing draft 2!! This was great, I enjoyed the creepiness and will be wary of blonde dolls with red eyes from now on.

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