10 Things We Think We Need to do Before We Start Writing #Writer #Writerslife


Here are 10 things we think we need to do before we actually start writing.

If we are honest all we are doing here is tricking ourselves and putting off the hard bit – writing!

  1. Get some fresh air. You will trick yourself into thinking you need some fresh air and a nice walk before writing. It’s so important to clear the head!
  2. Have a coffee. You will get a powerful urge to make yourself or buy a nice coffee. In your head you will not be able to think straight until you have had a coffee.
  3. Vacuuming. You will tell yourself that you will start writing once all the carpets in the house have been hoovered.
  4. Call someone. You won’t be able to write until you have spoken to your distant relative, the one you haven’t seen for twenty years.
  5. Retail therapy. You won’t be able to write without a new pretty notebook and matching stationary.
  6. Food.  You will tell yourself that you need a bite to eat before writing and maybe search for a couple of brain food recipes on Pinterest.
  7. Check social media. You can’t write without checking Twitter first or casting your eye over Facebook.
  8. Have a bath. You will tell yourself that you will only be able to write after you have had a warm bubble bath.
  9. Have a nap.  You will tell yourself that a sleep will make you feel invigorated and ready to write.
  10. Start a 1000 piece jigsaw. You will tell yourself that you have an urgent jigsaw to complete. Once you finish it you will be focused.

Happy Procrastinating Writers!


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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

55 thoughts on “10 Things We Think We Need to do Before We Start Writing #Writer #Writerslife

  1. ‘I will sort out that tautology’ – 8am in the morning???!!! ha ha!!!
    I certainly know what you mean by this, but I have learned to make writing the priority; sitting down at the laptop first thing makes it much easier, although I do have to do Twitter first!!!! On the other hand, you ought to see the state of my house…. and my muscles are wasting through lack of exercise!!

  2. I can identify with almost all of those excuses! I do find it hard to ‘set to’ with my writing in the mornings, though. There’s always so much to do! Yes, that’s how I am ..excuses, excuses. It’s usually evening before I start , by which time my writing time is limited because I’m no night owl. I know I need to take myself to task over this. Thank you for a very thought-provoking post. 😀

  3. For the past few months I’ve wanted to get into the habit of writing every day. A quick story, a short little anecdote to share on my blog, something, anything… this list is very much me.

  4. I do some of these things when I have to write about something that doesn’t excite me terribly, that’s for sure 🙂 Today I even did ironing before sitting down to write. And then I set myself a timer and made myself do it. But when it comes to my own work I’m very happy to have the time to get on with it…

  5. If I allow myself to blog in the mornings before doing anything to do with writing, then I’m procrastinating. I have this mental block against beginning writing in the afternoon. Writing must start in the morning, no later than 11 a.m. Only then, can it continue on into the afternoon.

  6. Coffee/tea yes indeed. “Earl Gray I need you before and while I write. You keep my hands warm when I am not typing.” Procrastination…its what keeps us all so well bonded, that and all those “short” phone calls we make 😉

  7. I can be a terrible procrastinator at times but I’ve found that if I do two things I can be much more productive. One: set myself time limits for writing a post, reading, commenting, whatever – and stick ruthlessly to it. (Otherwise I’m a terrible “just 10 more minutes …” merchant.) And secondly, leave my phone in a different room, otherwise I’m forever checking Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and everything else. For some reason I’m not tempted to open these up if I’m sat at my desk.

  8. Hah! Love this post….I’m guilty of most of them. I’m trying to re-discipline myself to sit down at my desk the moment I wake up (before everyone else does) just to write….no checking emails for work, no reading the BBC website, no ‘I’ll just nip over the Pinterest’….hoping you’ll join in with Kate’s ‘One being a writer’ online discussion (my first blog post for it went up today)…it seems like it’ll be a very supportive place!

  9. Love it! I am a great procrastinator and could really identify with this. The cleaning thing always seems much more important when you have something else to do, doesn’t it? If I set aside a day for cleaning, all of a sudden writing seems more important. Great post!

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