The Garden #blogbattle #shortstory

These blog battles or short story contests are organised by the legendary Blog Battling Queen & Author of the ‘Beauty Thief’ – Rachael Ritchey. If you think you are tough enough to compete join us!

This week’s word is oasis.

Here is the Blondewritemore entry:

The Garden


I wake to find myself alone on a bench in a garden.

I don’t remember walking here. My head feels thick and heavy.

“You need to go back” says a voice. I look round to see a man walking towards me. His face is blurry but his voice is familiar.

“I am happy here” I say staring out across the quaint little garden. An army of tall trees stand on guard, keeping out the rest of the world. A blanket of grass covered with a pattern of wild colourful flowers is hemmed in by a cobbled path.

“You need to go back” says the man, his voice tinged with urgency.

“Its so quiet and peaceful here. Like a little oasis” I say letting the garden’s tranquility soothe my busy mind.

“I am being serious Emma you need to go back” says the man.

He knows my name.

“Do you know where we are?” I ask watching the wild flowers sway gently in the breeze. My eyelids feel heavy and I fight the urge to lay my head on the bench.

“Do you really not know?” he asks.

I shake my head. This garden does not look like somewhere I have been before.

“Do you not remember what happened?” he asks.

I think about what I can recall. I only remember pleading voices and the white light. Then waking up in the garden.

Shaking my head I mumble “I don’t remember much.”

I feel warm and sleepy.

“You have to leave Emma” persists the man.

“Why should I go back and leave this beautiful place?” I ask.

“Because I love you Emma and I don’t want to lose you” he says with a croaky voice.

I want to go back but the garden is enticing me to stay. It’s so beautiful.

Other people arrive in the garden. They introduce themselves to me as Ron, Maggie and Brook. We all sit and listen to the whispering trees.

Ron says he won’t be going back. He is staying in the garden. Maggie is considering going back. Brook is desperate to get back but doesn’t know how.

“Emma please come back” says the man with the blurry face.

“You should go back” says Ron. He looks like someone’s grandfather with tufty white hair, blue eyes and spade like hands.

“Do you think so?” I ask Ron.

Ron nods before saying “I don’t think it’s your time to stay in the garden”

I sit and think about what Ron has just said.

“Do you like the garden?” I ask Ron.

“Yes it reminds me of my garden back home” sighs Ron.

“Emma you need to hurry and stop being stubborn” says the man with the blurry face.

Ron gives me a cheeky wink. “Now stop being stubborn and get back.”

I stand and get ready to leave the garden.

Ron gives me something. It’s a rolled up piece of paper. He tucks it into my pocket.

“Give this to my wife Doris, she’s sat outside” he says.

I say goodbye to them all. I wish Maggie and Brook luck in finding their way back. I smile at Ron who has folded his arms and leaned contentedly into the bench. For one last time I look out across the garden and say goodbye.

The white light takes me back.

“You’re back!” exclaims Chris, my boyfriend. I look round and see that I am in a hospital bed attached to bleeping machines.

“You lost control of your car Emma, it’s been touch and go for days” says Chris leaning over to kiss me on the forehead.

“I love you so much Emma. I thought I was going to lose you” he says squeezing my hand.

I smile and then remember Ron’s message. I retrieve the bit of rolled up paper tucked into my gown.

“Here” I say to Chris. “Can you go find Doris, who is sat outside and give her this?”

Chris looks oddly at me but follows my instructions. Sometime later he returns.

“Well?” I ask. “Did you find Doris?”

“Doris thanks you for the note” he says. “Ron has told her not to be sad about him as he will always be sat on the bench in the garden”.

photo credit: Photopin

This story is dedicated to my Grandpa George who passed away earlier this year. I like to think that he is now sat in the garden watching the pretty wild flowers swaying gently in the breeze.

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

49 thoughts on “The Garden #blogbattle #shortstory

  1. Nice work, and thanks for the tip on the Blog Battle arrangement. I’ve gotten out of the habit of short stories for a while, but I’ve been meaning to get back to it. I hope to join next week.

  2. This is a beautiful image and story. It touched me. Made me think of my father. Perhaps he’s in the garden with your grandpa. And coincidentally, my grandfather was called George as well.

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