10 Things We Think Will Happen Once We Have Completed Our First Novel #Writers #Writerslife

Things We Think Will Happen Once We Have Completed Our First Novel

1. Hunted down by a top literary agent after they catch sight of manuscript.

2. Manuscript starts a bidding war between top rival publishers.

3. Book gets published.

4. Book gets rave reviews on top literary programmes.

5.  First edition shoots up Amazon book chart like a rocket!

6. Record breaking book signing queues for book. Security is hired.

7. Offered a sizeable advance on second novel.

8. Booker prize nominee and winner.

9. Sell film rights for an eye watering amount to an Oscar winning director.

10 Hailed as a literary genius.

For noting – I am going to be realistic about my first novel so I will therefore be learning to live without 8-10!

Just off to lie down as the excitement of writing this post has been too much for me.

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

61 thoughts on “10 Things We Think Will Happen Once We Have Completed Our First Novel #Writers #Writerslife

  1. You make me laugh. Out loud. I should start reading your posts to my husband as he always needs a good laugh, but he may not relate to your humor as much as I do. You always manage to put words to the silly thoughts that run through our heads and really we’re laughing at ourselves. I’m sure we’ve all pictured most, if not all, of those scenarios. So glad you’re going to be realistic about it and ax 8-10. Thanks for another laugh.

  2. That all sounds rather exhausting. Staying earthed here 😉 Admit to liking the idea of seeing one of my novels made into a film, providing the scriptwriter doesn’t totally rewrite the story. I was so cross with what they did to Dean Koontz’s “Watchers” when it was made into a film. Yuck. Many people are saying the same about the TV series “Game of Thrones”, I haven’t read the books, but those people who have, are getting exceedingly annoyed at the plot going off at extreme tangents. Still. the author George R.R. Martin seems to be going along with the changes. Mega bucks for him, I suppose.

  3. First, you should be drinking Dom 😉 J/K champagne provides me a wicked, unforgivable hangover!

    Lovely post. I published for free on Amazon’s CreateSpace and I just tell people about it by word of mouth because A) I’m cheap B) I’m impatient. So I will never get the proper publicity!

    I agree with Sarah Potter above, I wouldn’t want Hollywood to destroy my work and bind me by contracts. I’d love to say I’m a hippie that would never sell out but I’m originally from LA and the glamour will get you if you don’t watch out.

    Usually I’m more of a “Will a publishing agency in foreign country find me and fly me off to Europe and prepay me so I can write for a year at romantically dark coffee shops on a rainy day with a croissant and espresso. And a Pomeranian.” Yes dear, these are the things I think about and actually now I want to turn this comment into a post LOL!

      1. I think a lot of people have unrealistic expectations as writers, which is ultimately why so many self-publish after years of trying to publish by traditional means.

      2. I’ve seen this happen to very talented friends whose work was amazing, but no one wanted to publish it. The market is highly competitive. Ultimately I feel it is important to write what you want to write and go from there, but never put all of your eggs in one basket ahead.

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