How To Spot A Writer On A Beach #writers #writerslife


How to Spot a Blogger on a Beach-2


  1. Writers will be the pale and tired looking folk sat on beach towels / sun loungers as they will have spent the last few months, locked away, working on their draft.
  2. A writer’s creativity levels will be reflected through their choice of swim wear. The more creative they are – the more colourful and complex their swimming costume will be!
  3. A writer will be overheard using a vast array of descriptive phrases when asked “what’s the sea like?”  – the person asking will simply want to know whether it looks calm enough to swim in. The writer will go over the top and rattle off something deep and poetic.
  4. A writer will be the one on the sun lounger or beach towel ear wigging into other conversations around them. When they catch something juicy enough for a novel they will be seen whipping out a small notebook from inside their swimming costume and making some detailed notes.
  5. A writer will spend some time surveying the reading choices of other holiday makers around them.
  6. A writer will know which beach cafe bars have free Wi-Fi.
  7. A writer will be overheard lecturing those around them about how they can switch off their creative mind and relax whilst sat on the beach. They will finish by saying that this experience of switching off will make a great blog post and once they get back to their hotel / villa / cottage they will write it up and publish it.
  8. A writer might be seen wandering over some rocks looking intense and troubled. They will have just read through their beta-readers feedback on their first draft and need some quiet time to reflect on whether a creative life is right for them.

Have a great day!

photo credit: Pexel

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25 thoughts on “How To Spot A Writer On A Beach #writers #writerslife

      1. Legendary is better than infamous! Haha Thanks, IBFF! I look forward to someday comparing nail polish patterns on our toes while we lounge and talk all things books and blogs on the beach.

      2. Oh my goodness we would start an ‘accent off’ – both of us chucking out our best phrases in the others accent!!! Our beach towel may even generate a small audience as our ‘accent off’ intensifies!

  1. Obsessed? Moi? With me it’s the ridiculously heavy bag with all of my laptop, tablet and phone plus spare chargers, memory sticks, notebooks more pencils than Rymans and a neurotic need to check every few seconds that the sun cream hasn’t exploded into any of the same. Oh and the excessively larged brimmed hat to act a a sun shield and keep the sun off the screen in case the beach umbrellas can’t be angled correctly.

      1. Happy Friday to you! And I agree with the time change. Somehow I suspect a lot of whom I follow are the Brits and I’m like, where are the new blogs??? 🙂

  2. Brilliant, I really got a giggle out of this. And I thought it didn’t describe me, until the loved one who is occasionally the victim of those short-stories reminded me that we had to take my laptop to the computer geeks last August for repairs after I got beach sand in the power button . . .

  3. Oh, the number of times I have asked and asked “where can I get free w-ifi” or “is there free wi-fi around here?”. Other quotes are “how do I get free wi-fi around here?”, “do you have the code to get the free wi-fi?” and “is anybody else having problems connecting to the wi-fi?” I’m usually looking very stressed out when asking any of these questions.

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