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Blonde Creative Agony Aunt


I have decided to transform into a ‘Creative Agony Aunt’ again for the day, helping troubled writers resolve matters of the heart using their creative skills. If you missed last week’s edition please click here.

My qualifications for being a ‘Creative Agony Aunt’ are:

  • I like to talk a lot.
  • I like to give advice on things which I don’t know much about.
  • I consider myself to be a very creative person. (sigh!)

Here is the email from this week’s troubled writer:

Dear Blondewritemore

Last week I was feeling hormonal / a little tense / not myself and I snapped at my friend. She is now being cold with me and won’t talk much. 

Is there anyway I could use my writing skills to solve this issue?

Please help Blondewritemore I am desperate! 

An unhappy sandy blonde haired writer


Hello there unhappy blonde writer friend, 

Being hormonal can be hard for any writer. Those pesky hormones do have their uses though; they are on our side when we are writing tough fight scenes and they can help us intensify those special romantic scenes. Sigh! 

Don’t despair my blonde friend micro fiction is going to rescue you! 

With any friendship breakdown I always suggest writing the unhappy party a short story (1500 words+). 

However on this occasion I would strongly advise you to write something short and snappy as she might not be able to stomach anything longer from you.

Whip up a 100 word piece of micro fiction for your friend, avoiding difficult subjects like battles, conflict and heartbreaks. Keep it light and fun!

Make sure your friend features in the story and describe her in a way which will make her smile: 

  • Lose 20 Ibs on her physical description
  • Describe her facial skin as youthful and dewy
  • Give her big glossy hair 
  • Dress her in something snazzy

The plot needs to go something like this: 

Good (her) needs to triumph over bad (you). 

Remember to print it out on nice paper, spray with a pleasant floral scent, wrap up in a ribbon and pop it through her door.

I can assure you that micro fiction will see you through this troubling time. 

Huzzah for micro fiction!

Lots of virtual & creative hugs

Your creative Agony Aunt

Blondewritemore x

Next week this Creative Agony Aunt helps a red headed writer blogger confess her romantic feelings for another blogger using a ‘list blog post’ – loud sigh! 




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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

39 thoughts on “The Blonde Creative Agony Aunt #Writer #Writerproblems

  1. The trouble is that if your friend knows she’s overweight, with blotchy wrinkled skin, dull hair, and a deficient wardrobe, then she might think you’re taking the mickey out of her — well, at least she will until her hormonal episode has passed and her mood is more reasonable.
    Just being an agony aunt here, to keep you out of trouble 😉

  2. What an interesting segment! I’m impressed with where you told her to take her writing. Sometimes I feel I have a good story to tell but that my writing is lackluster. Then I think there is no formula, you just write. But IDK… anyways that was my tangent.

    1. Micro fiction is the only way to go with friendship fallouts. Am looking for someone to fall out with me so I can whip up a 100 word story for them. May put the offer out virtually 🙂

      1. Hahahaha! This is an interesting strategy. Let’s do a past fall out challenge! Micro fiction to cure the mood…

      1. That’s usually the line that precedes the phrase stalker. 🙂 Hmm. I’ll have to use that in an upcoming story. I appreciate the point of view my dear. Thanks as always for the kind words

      2. Anytime my friend! I am glad I have given you food for thought on a post! I meant you are a follower who makes me think with their comments 🙂

      1. Ahahahaha! I don’t see how or why we would, you have said we are never going to do any collaborative works so I think we are good. lol. you can still write me in some micro fiction however. I mean you do have an entire novel coming in the future with a character based off of you.

      2. Oh no! You are a Senior Warden all your own, still very blonde…maybe a garish night gown as you have a house filled with young son’s, all future Wardens and a husband who is dotting but a pure earth. You have your hands full but you have the chops to deal with it 😉

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