Living The Star Wars Dream #Blogbattle #flashfiction

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This week’s word is Troop.

Story Genre: Comedy

Here is the Blondewritemore entry. 

I found this photo on PhotoPin and couldn’t resist using it to write my story. 

Living The Star Wars Dream


Two Stormtrooper figures were on their way back to the toy room when they were ambushed by a troop of little plastic soldiers.

“Stick em up” shouted the plastic soldiers pointing their guns at the two Stormtroopers.

“Aggh..I…surrender” stammered Eric, one of the Stormtroopers, shaking at the sight of the plastic army.

“What do you think you are doing Eric?” asked Tony, the other Stormtrooper, glaring at his friend.

“Just giving myself up” whimpered Eric.

“Oh for goodness sake Eric there is no need to surrender, they are tiny plastic soldiers” said Tony.

“I have heard things about these plastic soldiers” whispered Eric, raising his arms above his head. “You don’t want to mess with them”.

“Eric, we are two Stormtroopers  living the Star Wars dream. We come from the Death Star, a load of pesky little plastic soldiers shouldn’t scare us” said Tony.

“I come from the toy shop Tony, not the Death Star” whispered Eric trying to stop himself from trembling.

“Eric you are supposed to be a Stormtrooper defending the Empire” said Tony, his voice tinged with irritation.

“I was supposed to be going for a sleep in the dolls house” whispered Eric, still holding his arms aloft.

“What would Darth Vadar, our great leader, say if he could see you now?” asked Tony looking at his friend.

“Who?” squeaked Eric in fright as the plastic soldiers edged closer.

“Please tell me you are joking Eric because if you are not then we have a serious problem” replied Tony turning his attention to the mob of plastic soldiers.

“Never heard of him” said Eric quickly. “Is he a nice man?”

Tony shook his head disapprovingly at Eric.

“Lets get them!” yelled the plastic soldiers.

“Aghhhh” screamed Eric and leapt into Tony’s arms.

“Get off me!” yelled Tony shoving Eric back onto the ground. 

“Hold me close Tony I am very scared” wept Eric cuddling up to his Stormtrooper friend. 

“What we need to do is show these plastic soldiers that they should be living in fear of us” said Tony removing Eric’s head from his shoulder. 

Before the soldiers advanced any further he grabbed one and held it high above the rest.

“If you don’t do what we say this one gets it!” he demanded pointing to the plastic soldier in his hand.

“Put him down please” whispered Eric. “We don’t have to resort to violence”

“Get off me” wriggled the toy plastic soldier hanging in the air.

“Stormtroopers do this scare tactic sort of thing all the time on the Death Star” said Tony still holding the plastic soldier aloft.

“We are in the back garden and not on some Death Star” moaned Eric.

“How did you ever get the job as a Stormtrooper Eric?” I think the  recruitment policy on the Death Star sucks!” snapped Tony still holding the plastic soldier.

“I came from a toyshop” yelped Eric as the plastic soldiers got nearer. “I was on aisle four, third shelf up.”

“This is ridiculous” said Tony dropping his arm and letting the plastic soldier go.

“No one can escape the plastic soldiers. We are doomed” wailed Eric.

“Did Luke Skywalker escape the plastic soldiers earlier?” asked Tony. “I saw him in the back garden doing his Jedi swagger.”

“Yes” said Eric. “He is a bit special isn’t he? We all expect Luke Skywalker to escape whatever life throws at him!”

“I don’t rate him” said Tony. “All that Jedi talk is a load of nonsense”.

“Luke’s got such a lot going for him” gushed Eric, for a second forgetting his fear and staring into space. 

Tony sighed before saying “Luke Skywalker’s outfit is not as good as mine.”

“CHARGE!” shouted the plastic soldiers, starting to move towards the Stormtroopers.

“I want my Mum” sobbed Eric. “I don’t want to die!”

“Pull your Stormtrooper self together Eric!” barked Tony getting ready to grab plastic soldiers. 

“This is the end of us!” wailed Eric. 

“I have had enough of living the Star Wars dream ” snapped Tony. He left Eric and walked through the troop of plastic soldiers. A couple of soldiers tried to tackle him and he threw them aside.

“Where are you going?” screamed Eric.

“I am busy this afternoon” shouted Tony walking off towards the toy room.

“Come back! Don’t leave me Tony. What could be more important than saving your old Stormtrooper pal Eric?” whimpered Eric as the plastic soldiers backed him into a corner.

“A hot date with Princess Leia!” said Tony.

“Hang on a minute that doesn’t happen in Star Wars” shouted one of the plastic soldiers to Tony.

“I have decided to start living my own dream. Princess Leia is a big part of it” sighed Tony.

The End 
Photo Credit: <a href=”″>Small soldiers Vs. Stormtroopers</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;

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50 thoughts on “Living The Star Wars Dream #Blogbattle #flashfiction

  1. I loved it! Funny, adorable, and enjoyable as always! You have such a lovely imagination! Did you know Diego Luna will be doing some Star Wars movie or something like that? I love him!

      1. Don’t crack friend LOL. Your story entertained me. It’s been close to 100 degrees here so I’m bored stuck indoors. Thx for adding to my life LOL. I need to get out of Houston haha.

  2. I love this silliness. Thanks for the much-needed laugh. 😀 (Although, in fairness to Eric, even if he is from a aisle 4 and doesn’t know Darth, he must have heard how bad the Stormtroopers are at hitting their targets.)

  3. Hee hee! Not a fan of Star Wars, but loved this. 😀 Reminded me a bit of Toy Story. I loved Tony walking off and leaving Eric quaking at the little toy soldiers. I have such funny visuals in my head right now. 🙂

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