Why Being a Writer Feels Like Something Out of Harry Potter #Writer #HarryPotter



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1. You’ve known for a long time that  you are different to those around you.

2. Things happen to you which you can’t explain especially when you sit at a desk with a sheet of paper and a pen.

3. Your world is divided into two – Writers (Wizards) and Non-Writers (Muggles).

4. You can create magic using words on a blank page. You have the ability to transport a reader in their head to new worlds, fight mystical creatures, live as other people and conjure up a range of emotions. This is your magic.

5. You feel like your trusted pen / pencil / laptop / tablet / type writer found you. Not the other way around. This is your wand.

6. The literary magic that some experienced writers can create leaves you speechless and in awe.

7. Your characters are your patronus spells, representing your inner most thoughts, desires and dreams.

8. Interacting with other writers (wizards) makes you feel like you are starting to fit in.

9. Wizards communicate via owls. Writers communicate via Twitter.

10. Trying to get published feels like a game of Quidditch. Some writers manage to catch the golden Snitch and land a publishing contract. Whilst other writers fly about above hitting stuff and yelling in frustration.

11. Wizards carry round brooms, wands, spell books and owls. Writers carry around notebooks, pens, books and access to Twitter.

12. When you are in writing fantasy land it can feel like you have entered a magical world which non-writers wouldn’t understand.

13. You share the belief that “happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light” ( J.K. Rowling). To turn on the light you just need to start writing.




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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

68 thoughts on “Why Being a Writer Feels Like Something Out of Harry Potter #Writer #HarryPotter

      1. Damn. I told that fool Albus a million times, didn’t I? “Professor,” I said, “a simple lasik and some skin cream won’t trick people for long.” He just sat there, didn’t he? Stroking his (magnificent, for sure) beard and chuckling. Sigh…

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