How to Ask a Blogger to Write You a Guest post? #blogger #guestblogger


How to Ask a Blogger to Write You a Guest Post

Persuading another blogger to write you a guest post can be tricky. Some of us bloggers struggle to come up with posts for our own blogs let alone posts for other blogs.

Plus there is the whole “what happens if my guest post flops and decimates their following?” worry. Sometimes it’s just easier for us to say “I am really busy washing my hair, try me again in six month!”

Asking another blogger to write you a guest post is very similar to asking them out on a date. You want to strengthen your connection with them, take things to the next level and be more than just ‘blogging friends’. The trouble is you run the risk of them not feeling the same way about you. Scary stuff!

If you have ever been turned down after asking another blogger to write you a guest post (I have) it can be a crushing experience. For a couple of days after the guest post rejection you will experience a low mood, want to hang your head in shame and creep about blogging world with a sad face.

On the flip side when another blogger agrees to write you a guest post it can feel heavenly, you will have a spring in your step and a twinkle in your eye! Those blog stats will see a healthy uplift after the guest post is published as their followers flock to your blog. The sun comes out in blogging land. Huzzah!

  • The charmer approach. This is where you lavish the blogger with praise and heart warming comments on their blog for a couple of days before you pop the question. If they have an eye watering blog following you may want to start a couple of weeks / months in advance. I really like stuff like “you don’t look 40″ and “I love your hair colour, I can tell you are a natural blonde!”
  • The sneaky approach. Pen a long winded comment on their blog post, really rattle on about something and in the middle sneak in the question “will you write me a guest post?” If they ‘like’ your comment – bingo you have a guest post!
  • The begging approach. This is where you get down onto your virtual blogging knees and beg! Lots of “oh please” and “oh pretty please” begging requests via their blog or on email. The bigger the following the more begging you will need to do.
  • The direct approach. You are one cool cookie, you just come straight out with it.
  • The bargaining approach. This is where you start to bargain with your blogger “if you write me a guest post then I will write you one in return” or  “I will add you to my Xmas card list”.
  • The gift approach. This is where you shower them with gifts in an attempt to persuade them to write a guest post. You reach for the flowers, chocolates, soft cuddly toys or even offer them a candle lit dinner date with you. It has to be a decent gift as they are going to have to go away and whip you up a blog post. You may have to push the boat out on the dinner gift with some bloggers and let them order a starter and a pudding. Just think of the uplift to your blog stats as you sip water and stare longingly at their plate of magnificent food.
  • The fun approach. Tell your blogger a couple of funny jokes, make them smile or even chuckle. Then pop the magic question! Make sure your jokes are funny though. Try them out on a couple of blogging friends first.
  • Turning it into their idea approach. This is where you cleverly make the blogger think the request for a guest post was their idea in the first place – sigh! So you start with “what do you think of guest posting on someone’s blog?” and they reply with “Its a great idea as  it can raise your profile and increases blog traffic to your blog”. You then slip in “so when will you be able to write me a guest post?”. Done!

Good luck bloggers! You got this covered!
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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

47 thoughts on “How to Ask a Blogger to Write You a Guest post? #blogger #guestblogger

  1. Another wonderful, magnificent post. How can one be so talented and still be in their 20s? Not to mention your lovely hair. Sure, I have only seen it in that black and white photo, but I can still tell it’s the sort of hair wars are fought over (as everyone knows, hair style wars are the worst).
    Say, how would you like to raise your profile and increase traffic to your blog any day in September? Or even October?

      1. Fair enough. Who was that other one? The one who spun her hair into gold? Cause I’d understand if she said she needs to “wash” her hair (and make a couple mil along the way, presumably)

  2. I am soon doing my first guest post on another blog. It’s in more than two weeks but I am already exited about being somewhere else than my own blog.
    I think that asking to be a guest when there is a call of participation, is just as stressful. Ok I have not approached anyone to be a guest on my blog yet.

  3. It looks like your plan to subconsciously beg people to volunteer to guest post for you backfired, although I am impressed with your approach. Very smooth.

    Tell Nicholas he is thinking of the Miller’s daughter from Rumpelstiltskin and Chris Graham is completely serious in his demand (worth it though).

  4. I loved your approach and this post! No BS, straight forward (I hope you are not cringing with buyers remorse for our date Monday) hahaha!

    1. Lol – no we are ready to go. You will be following Sunday’s ‘gaming’ related post which could go a number of ways. I don’t want to give too much away but it’s where I (the blonde writer) share my gaming experiences. Your post may have to bring back a level of quality to my blog – sigh!

      1. I’m exciting for your Sunday post. I will bust out the snacks and have a day of it LOL! We could always do a collaboration story…you’re only as strong as your weakest link hahaha!

      2. Pleased don’t think I will be sharing some ‘gaming’ tips or valuable insight. I am not sure what the gaming world will think of my post on Sunday. Let me know your thoughts on it 🙂

      3. Have made that mistake myself. I mean the interactive world of PC games – specifically fantasy dungeon & dragon type games. Yes I went there a few years ago and am now writing about the ‘brief’ experience!

  5. I do like the sneaky approach, but your sneakiness has you now writing several guest posts. ha ha ha That’s the time they outsmarted you Ms. Blondewritemore. (Think Raggedy Ann and Andy – if you’ve read them, you’ll get it.)

  6. Yes, I know. That guest post of mine still hasn’t been written. I’m getting embarrassed now. It’s a bit like being asked to write an essay, and suddenly all the ideas dry up. I keep thinking of things, then thinking they’re not good enough. Will keep trying.

      1. I won’t be that long. Just diverted by my novel. Needing to get it out for final beta-reads. At the same time, I’m information-gathering about the whole self-publishing thing. If you want a guest post about why I’ve chosen to give this a try after so many years of saying I’d never do it, then you shouldn’t have to wait too long. Once the novel is out with readers, then I will take a breather to guest away.
        Look out for my September guest storyteller post this Saturday, as my son has agreed to submit some dark fantasy this time!

  7. I have a guest post feature on my blog, and love to promote other bloggers on it. So far I’ve had nothing but a ‘yes’ from those I have asked. Now I’m just waiting to have to use something off your list. Lets hope I don’t have to use it. I do agree, though, that it can be a rather frightening experience (having written a few guest posts myself). Almost as bad as asking for a cup of tea in one of those posh coffee shops.

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