A Blonde Writer Shares Her Experience of a Fantasy Role Playing Game #Writer #amwriting


Some years ago I found myself drawn to the gaming world.

At the time I was struggling with my creativity levels, blogging was an alien concept to me and my half finished yawn inducing novel wasn’t going anywhere other than the bin. 

So one day I came home from work (obviously I had not given up the day job to pursue a writing career…..I still have a day job BTW) and found my loved one playing this game ‘Baldur’s Gate’. Its an interactive fantasy role playing game developed by BioWare. From looking over his shoulder a lot I found myself drawn to it and I thought it would do wonders for my creative mind.

In a nutshell you got to design your own characters (including clothes, physical build and voice), go wandering about some fantasy lands, buy jewels, keepsakes and weapons (if you are into fighting), attack various monsters, stay at some fabulous virtual inns, select your level of stay at the inns (some required more gold for a bit of luxury), drink virtual ale and build a team of followers. 

Now the loved one took this gaming thing seriously and after a couple of weeks his character turned into some sort of fighting legend.

I on the other hand took a different approach with this amazing virtual world. 

Whilst the loved one was sweating over winning some big important battle I was worrying about whether there would be enough luxury rooms available for my band of merry followers at the nearest Inn. I was also big in the coloured gem trade so the price of jewels in the next store was a constant concern.

My followers were not selected on the basis of their battle skillset or spells. I chose my followers on the basis of their looks, their outfit and the amount of gold pieces they carried in their money pouch.

I liked all my followers, some more than others. This one below caused me to have many a sleepless night. He is the sort of character who leads you astray, can not be trusted and breaks lots of hearts (Blonde writer goes silent for a while to gaze longingly out of the window).


My gaming experience was short lived as my happy band of followers and I couldn’t move off level three. We would be attacked in the same place every game – coming out of the magical store clutching a load of  nifty bargains. I like to think the ‘baddies’ who persisted in wiping us out were just jealous of the small gold piece profit we had made on colourful gems. 

I would like to say that I led a happy band of followers but there was some unrest. The untrustworthy character kept flirting with the attractive elf woman in our group. In a fit of jealousy I physically removed them both from my following. I then somehow managed to cheer myself up by innocently bumping into the handsome dude below – sigh!

Things were not rosy 24-7 with this follower as I did have to tell him to ditch the gerbil. This was the low point in our fictional character relationship. Still, I did find that he only had eyes for me (and his gerbil) unlike some I can mention. Sigh! 


Happy gaming writers!




All photos taken from Bing, Free to Share & Use.

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

42 thoughts on “A Blonde Writer Shares Her Experience of a Fantasy Role Playing Game #Writer #amwriting

  1. Oh my darling. The life of a dungeon master years later is a mixed bag. I had tournament players and they believed in the game. Not in the possibilities. I’d what we maker it

  2. As a long time Dungeon dweller and Dungeon Master, I respect your gem based economic vision- it certainly works for de Beers. Much safer than underground adventures albeit with lower returns on investment.


  3. Yay for Baldur’s Gate! Only one of the best game series out there. Too bad those baddies jumped at you and cut your adventures short, sounds like you had a great gem-trading-thing going on. (But why would anyone want to get rid of the hamster…?)

      1. No – did my blog post suggest to you that I carried on with my fantasy role playing ways? No one liked my gem trading and attractive elf women kept making a play for my fictional love interests! There is only so much suffering a blonde writer can take

      2. Lol – fair enough. If you ever felt like trying again, you should have a go at Dragon Age. There’s a lot of romance in that one. Plus, exchanging gifts, flirting… the whole shebang. Only problem was, I accidentally ended up dating a boy elf, while trying to win over one of the girls. I still wonder just what the heck happened there.

  4. I don’t care that you didn’t want me to read this post – it was very poignant, and summed up the love of gaming. I wish more people could remember this.

    So your goals in game weren’t that same as everyone else? GREAT! Oftentimes people get WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY too into a game and turn it into a second job, where they loose the basic purpose of a game.

    The only real point to a game is to entertain. A by-product is a boost in creativity.

    I do also suggest doing a lot of Tabletop Gaming ( It’s a beast to master, but SOOOOOOO worth it). It is a great exercise in using the power of your imagination to help build upon a world (remind you of anything we do as writers?).

    I always tell people not to worry about thier “geek” or “Nerd” level because passion is passion. Just because I have fallen so far into the Tarpit of multi-Nerd Fandoms, does not lessen your experience. I loved your blog, and how it helped shape you as a writer – keep it up!!!

    1. LOL – you remembered! You sounded so cool on your blog post that I was like “oh boy she will not like my post about my gem trading and struggles with follower love” – thx and happy Sunday

      1. Right back at you! Thank you for thinking I was cool and all, but I’m still just another Geek/nerd. I’m no batter than anyone else. In fact, there is always someone who knows more than I do. lmao

  5. LOL! I love how you threw the elf woman out! I did not play this game but it certainly brought memories back of another. Loved this! I would have thrown the elf woman out as well..hahaa 😉 xxx -CC

      1. I agree totally. I could tell you had no other option. They did not deserve the time you put into your luxury accommodations or you! I got your back.
        Wow. Sorry. Lost myself.

  6. I used to play fantasy RPG’s, with friends. We swiftly abandoned the one we’d picked – which was far too derivative of Tolkien – in favour of one we invented ourselves, based not so much on Tolkien as on the Harvard Lampoon ‘Bored of the Rings’. It was a lot funnier.

  7. I used to play Call of Cthulhu. My different personas included a homicidal maniac called Tabitha Wong and a monk (whose name I’ve forgotten now). The monk lasted longer than Ms Wong, who blew herself up.
    One of my friends that I met at a creative writing workshop, used to do live role playing games, dashing around the woods and suchlike, brandishing a latex sword. He was a high level wizard of some sort, with long hair down to his waist.
    My son still does role playing, sometimes around a table and, more often, interactive ones online. He loves it 🙂

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