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Here at Blondewritemore we love to make new blogging friends. So when new blogger Kristin, writer and author of the Blog ‘Pursuit of a new adventure’ dropped by the office for a quick natter we (the cat and I) suggested that she do her first ever guest post on this blonde blog. She agreed! Hurrah!

Without further ado let me hand you over to the wonderful Kristin:

The Writer


She sat at the café under the awning, on a little metal chair that was under a little metal table. She wrote on her laptop which she felt was out of place. Technology was the convenient spectacle of a writer. They were modern and practical to someone who knows nothing of either. She stared out at the rain. She loved to be outside, yet under the awning, protected and staying dry.

The grey sky and the grey rain made the cobblestone ground a darker charcoal color and the water stayed out of its respective line from the café.  The rain cooled off the air, a new season was beginning. She wore a light hat that was black and had a blonde braid to the side. She went into a trance while staring at the rain. The sounds made her sleepy and relaxed until she no longer noticed the smell of the water on the stone street. She preferred to hear the rain over the chatter of others but delighted in their muffled voices in the background. She got to be alone that way, but not really.

Her hot chocolate made her warm inside and her scarf kept her safe. She nibbled at a pastry and fruit for the past hour. It reminded her of mornings at the university. People wearing boots and pants, carrying umbrellas, holding each other and leading each other away from the rain, passed her by. She liked having no companions because she could stay and go as she pleased. Sometimes she thought it would be nice to have someone to share these moments with. Someone to read a book with by a fireplace with.

In between creating stories of passersby she wrote stories of great heartache and hard work. She wrote fiction and rewrote her own story. When she looked down at her laptop she would create and save, create and save. When she looked up she saw lovers, she imagined his proposal and her reaction, the first time they found out they were pregnant, the puppy in the basket on Christmas day. For others she would imagine the girl he could never have, the boy who left and found someone else, the dog who wanted to play in the puddles, the baby crying for its nap.

She could only write by experience and she had many. But the things she wanted to write about she knew nothing of and there could be fallacies in her work. She was never a musician or an athlete or a mother. She had no seasoning in the arts or in familial matters. She could only imagine what life was like for those she composed and those she viewed in the rain.

These wanderers were like herself. They all lived day by day and these were her friends in that time. No other day would be like this one. They would never meet for drinks or go for walks. She didn’t know how to ask and might be disappointed if she did. They would all go their separate ways whether they got to know each other better or not. The way she lived was to observe and to write for in writing she could take great risks and stand no consequences.

It was in writing she lost herself and she imagined a more perfect time that was parallel to her own. She lived the life of a woman taking pleasure in a cup of hot chocolate, all the while living the life of an inventor who observes the lives of those she designs.


Fab guest post Kristin!

If you want to see more of Kristin please check out her blog. She originates from California and is a Christian who writes about anything from fiction to opinions on food reviews. She makes me laugh with her chirpy comments and we wish all the best with her blogging career.


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  1. Thx blonde friend! I’m looking forward to you “guesting” my blog as well. What an honor to be spotlighted on your lovely page!

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