6 Situations designed to give you a captive listening audience for your stories #Writer #amwriting

Sometimes your loved ones and friends need to hear what you have written.

The urge to read to them one of your literary creations becomes so strong that you just have to find a way of overcoming the “not now love” and the “I am too busy to listen to one of your short stories!” 

I find myself in this situation regularly. It is excruciating to endure the knock backs from loved ones and friends who always seem to be busy when I emerge from writing land breathless and flushed.

When the desire to read someone your work gets too powerful and you find yourself quivering with creative excitement – try turning to one of these situations below.

The beauty of all these situations is that there is no escape for loved ones or friends.

Voila – a captive listening audience! Hurrah! 

  1. On a romantic date night – It’s a date night and your loved one will be on their best behaviour. This means they will sit through anything for you especially if you have promised them a quick game of Scrabble once you get home! Give them a sexy wink across the dinner plates, watch their face light up and then reach in your bag for your latest short story!
  2. On a packed plane. They can wriggle and squirm whilst you read to them but they can’t go anywhere. Unless they have a parachute.
  3. In the dentist waiting room waiting with your loved one. Reading to your loved one in the waiting room wil be a double bonus as you are giving the rest of the dental waiting room a literary treat too! Plus you are taking their anxious mind off their dental appointment.
  4. On the beach towel whilst sunbathing. Just watch for your loved ones eyes closing and letting out a snore. A little prod in the ribs will suffice if they are getting sleepy – they need to hear this!
  5. In a broken down car whilst waiting for recovery truck – No one is going anywhere for the foreseeable future so make things enjoyable, reach for that draft short story, clear your throat and begin.
  6. In a hot tub with your loved one or close friends. No one is going anywhere because it would mean getting out of the luxurious warm water. Looking at the stars and making ‘hot tub’ small talk can get dull. Keep your draft story close to hand in a plastic folder (don’t want to get your latest literary creation wet) and whip it out once your loved one or friends are looking relaxed. Clear throat and say “if you are sitting comfortably then I will begin….once upon a time…” Sigh!

Once you have read your creation to a loved one or friend you will feel relieved and unburdened.

You will be able to carry on with your creative life until the next time you are sat at the writing desk, staring at your draft whilst saying to yourself “oh my goodness I can feel a Booker prize nomination with my name on it coming, someone needs to hear this!”

Stay calm writers!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

41 thoughts on “6 Situations designed to give you a captive listening audience for your stories #Writer #amwriting

  1. We know a couple who have a bath tub. Thanks for the tip!

    Given the latest infatuation with EL James’ work, we men can always entice hot young things to strip down to the essentials, tie them up to a chair or something and then read to our first truly captive audience! Or at least we could if we also were a 20-something billionaire besides part-time author. Sigh…

  2. Hahaha very creative! I’ve never tried this approach at the end of a date. Must be why I’m striking out ; )

  3. Excellent suggestions. Here I’ve been sending my friends the link to my blog every five seconds when I should have been cornering them with a hard copy in hand — bwa-ha-ha!

    1. Yes! They can ignore links on emails – they can’t ignore being cornered – sigh! I bet J K Rowling had this trouble before she got famous – loud sigh! Thx for reading 🙂

      1. Good point. Next time I ask someone if they’ve gotten around to reading my blog yet and they say they’ve been busy, I’ll pop out my phone — “Hey, good thing I have the stories here with me, now that you’re sitting down and captive– I mean, here.” 😉

  4. Hot tubs are the best! Although would be even better if you could print out your manuscript on waterproof paper. I also think baths are a useful target. Not to mention buses, trains… Perhaps play an audiobook version of your book on a long car journey… 🙂

  5. I’m going to bring out my latest blog posts at my next scotch party!! Thanks for the tips to get my readership up! And my wife will totally be forced to read my blog the next time we go out to dinner!! Thanks for the great chuckle.

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