10 Things I Want To Do With My Future Literary Agent #Writer #Amwriting


Things I Want To Do With My Future Literary Agent

I haven’t found my future literary agent yet. They are out there somewhere (Blonde writer gazes out of the window with a dreamy expression on her face).

When I do find them I know that we will have such a special literary relationship.

Here are the things I would like to do with them:

1.  Share a KFC Chicken bucket with them.

2. Talk nonsense to them over a coffee in a nice coffee shop.

3. Stare longingly into their eyes over a candle lit dinner for two.

4. Listen to their problems on a late night phone call.

5. Row them across a lake.

6. Go shopping and try on some crazy clothes.

7. Sink a few cocktails with them.

8. Do karaoke with them and show them my singing talents for ‘Cher’ hits.

9. Go to the cinema with them and treat them to some popcorn.

10. Take mad and crazy selfies of each other!

Loud sigh!


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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

71 thoughts on “10 Things I Want To Do With My Future Literary Agent #Writer #Amwriting

      1. Some people don’t realize that there are professional boundaries. You might very well grow quite close to your agent, I know many people who consider their agent family, but realistically speaking, business is still business.

  1. If or when, yes when ‘oooommmm, positive thinking’. I secure an agent I will take them to meet my mother! They will be so pleased that it’s me they signed, that she will beg me to take her/him out with me! I will hold out until she has me a publishing contract… oh the imaginings of writers. 😉😇

    1. Oh I do like that ‘take them to meet mother’ – that’s such a good idea. My mother would bake something nice and probably take them through her latest sewing achievements. Thx for that – sigh!

      1. Mine would ‘ tsk’ and glare humph and probably tell them to get a real job! Shake her head in disbelief; then request firmly that they leave. Hence they would love me for not being like her.😜

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