Things To Do With A Book Other Than Read It #BookWorm #Books




1. Fan its pages against my cheek. Quite pleasurable.

2. Sniff its pages. I admit I am a book sniffer.

3. Rub the corner of pages against my thumb and finger. I don’t turn over corners of pages like some do to remind where they are up to but I do fiddle with page corners a lot.

4. Hug it tightly and promise to never let it go! (Obviously when I finish it I will let it go but I don’t like to worry it at the start of our relationship)

5. Bend it over and watch its pages fan out. Probably not good for its spine but I do enjoy doing this.

6. Smooth out its first page a lot. There is something magical about a first page so I guess that’s why I like  to smooth it a lot before I start reading.

7. Rub one of its pages against my cheek to feel the smoothness of it. Cue weird looks from family.

8. Stick different bookmarks in it to see which one looks the best. I have to take into account matching colours with the book cover and my mood at the time. If I am in a low mood it’s a dark bookmark.

9. Stroke or paw its front cover lovingly. Pawing increases if book has been highly recommended by someone I know.

10. Stare longingly at it whilst its on the bookshelf.

11. Slip it into my handbag and take it for coffee.

12. Place a delicate kiss on the first page. I think it’s a nice way of starting our book / reader relationship. Again cue weird looks from family.

13. Whisper things to it like “I can’t wait for us to get together” and “let me go slip into something more comfortable before we begin!”
Happy Reading Folks!

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60 thoughts on “Things To Do With A Book Other Than Read It #BookWorm #Books

  1. I find more of the stroking book covers with hardcover books (love that feel of the jacket,) and more fanning with paperbacks. I love to sniff library books, especially the brand-new or not been touched for awhile variety. (But never children’s…do NOT sniff children’s library books, there should be a warning label.)

  2. I thought I was the only weirdo with my secret uber tactile love of books! Concur with all but number 11. May surprise you to know this, but I’m not a handbag carrying sort of girl! lol!

  3. I salute a fellow book sniffer. A couple of years ago, I went to my old school. They had a sale for our library’s old, worn-out books. I saved a couple of dozens, then spent most of the day sniffing random pages…

  4. Yes, I pretty much do all these things too, though I don’t kiss my books’ first page. Sniffing books is one of my favourite things to do with books, besides reading them. Book addicts unite!

  5. I’ve always felt weird for liking to smell a book. They just have that book-y smell. Ahh, books… yep, definitely the love of my life. 🙂

  6. Haha that was interesting. I don’t do all but I sure do few things like hugging a book or sniffing the pages. Have you smelled a classic old book? It’s amazing how it smells

  7. Ditto 1, 6, 8, 10 & 11. Don’t like 5, though. That amounts to book abuse. Mister has a terrible habit of losing his bookmark and leaving a book upside-down open on the page he’s got to. I’ve been known to confiscate books from him and return them to my bookshelf as punishment for this crime.

  8. Hands up to 4 and 10 (The Goldfinch). Totally laughed out loud at 8 and 12: I do seriously chop and change bookmarks as I would clothes on a day I’m feeling ‘fat and yeeurk and ‘does my bum look whale-like in this?’…and I have also been known to kiss a book when I’ve finished it (or was that Andrew Miller’s photo I accidentally brushed my mouth against?? (Waves away hot flush)

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