Blogger Celebrates Her Birthday By Throwing A Virtual Birthday Party On Her Blog #blogger #Writer

Blogger Throws Virtual Birthday Party


It’s my birthday! 

My virtual birthday party awaits so come on in!

Thanks for coming. I LOVE your virtual party outfit – wow you look great! Stunning!

Didn’t you get the party brief about NOT outshining the birthday girl (me) in terms of a virtual party outfit? Obviously not! (Sigh!)

I am so pleased you could make it – have you travelled far?

I see you have brought me a virtual birthday gift. Thank you so much!

Virtual birthday gifts are amazing aren’t they? No cost and totally reliant upon imagination!

Wow! You shouldn’t have gone to any trouble just for me (cue playful punch and blush)

Let me know what your virtual birthday gift is in the comments section of this post. Your gift looks wild and wonderful. You are so generous.


Ok, here is my virtual birthday buffet table.

There are napkins over there so you shouldn’t make a mess and spoil your amazing virtual party outfit. 

I have tried to cater for all international tastes. As you know I dream of being American so there are a lot of American buffet dishes. Sigh! (Don’t ask me to point them out on this table though)

So please dive in!


Wow – you must have been hungry as you made quite a dent in my buffet spread!

Here is my virtual birthday  cake!  Doesn’t it look amazing? I am a big fan of cream, cake and strawberries.

Yes you can have a slice of my cake once everyone has sang me happy birthday and made me feel like a special birthday girl.

That’s it, song done, let’s dive in!


Right let me wipe away all the cream from my mouth (am such a messy eater) and work off some virtual calories! It’s time for us to hit the virtual dance floor and bust some dance moves. Are you ready?

For noting – as I am the birthday girl I will  be crowned best dancer. This news must be hard for you but look at it this way – it would be terrible if I cried on my birthday after not being given this title!


Wow I can’t believe how much dancing we did! You certainly know how to move. You look thirsty so let’s head over here.

Here is my virtual drinks  table.

Take it steady, this virtual birthday party is a marathon and not a sprint!

I can whip up some virtual cocktails if you want? Yes you do want cocktails – any favourites?

I will try and look like a professional cocktail maker for you. Stand back whilst I hurl some bottles into the air – did I tell you I am rubbish at catching stuff?


Ok, my party would not be complete without a virtual piñata. Do you want to take a whack at it?

It’s ready for you. Take aim and hit it!

Hmmmm missed – unlucky! I thought you said you were good at this?

Maybe you have had too many virtual cocktails?


Its getting late now. Do you fancy a dip in a virtual hot tub?

Yes you do? Ok well I have arranged one for this party! (Squeal)

What is great about my hot tub is that whilst you relax in it you will be able to listen to some of my short stories! Yes I know it’s a great idea. Who wants to sit and look at the stars when you can listen to some of my literary masterpieces?

They will be played to you through the loud speakers lining the hot tub. Yes you are right, I never miss a chance to share my stuff!!

I just hope you have brought your virtual swimming trunks / costume!  Got to keep things decent at my virtual birthday party.

Looks like there is no one in there at the moment so hop in, sit back and tell me what type of short story you want to listen to – I can do horror, science fiction or comedy – any burning desires?

I can also offer you the story audio in a variety of accents:

  • English – my best posh accent
  • My best American accent
  • Yorkshire – my best Northern England accent

Hot tub

You look like you need to relax after all that dancing and splashing about in my hot tub / trying to escape the deafening sound of my voice. I thought my hot tub would have been relaxing but you look a little shell shocked.

I have a lovely hammock ready for you with a nice relaxing view.

Your feet must be hurting after all that dancing. You were on fire!! At one point I thought you were going to outshine me with those dance moves. Nice try!


Ok you can wake up now!

Sadly that’s the end of my party.

I hope you have had a lovely time.

It was lovely to see you! We must do this all again next year.

Thanks for the virtual birthday gift. Once I get round to it I will knock up some virtual thank you cards.

I am so glad we got to dance together and talk over some nibbles at the buffet table. The happy memory of you shouting “turn that noise down!” (my short stories) from the hot tub will stay with me forever – sigh!

We must catch up soon and you need to let me know where you bought that fabulous virtual party outfit from.

Have a safe journey home…..back to your blog or email.

Happy Saturday!

Blondeusk 🙂

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156 thoughts on “Blogger Celebrates Her Birthday By Throwing A Virtual Birthday Party On Her Blog #blogger #Writer

  1. For my belated birthday gift, I offer you a freshly wrapped story idea. A woman receives a birthday gift she thought she always wanted, but it turns out either that another gift saves her from that one, or that she should have valued a different gift more.

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